Borderlands 2: Son of Crawmerax DLC Ep.1


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Haziq Musher 

this is funny because you guys need to remember in borderlands 1 there is no minimap , just a little compass , of course meaty not like always look at minimap

perfectshot 123 

mini map dumwad



Descendant of Kraff 

The amount of content in this game is overwhelming


Don't stress about Headhunter DLCs. I only have Mercenary Day and Son of Crawmerax. I purposely passed on the other three because I wanted DLCs that would directly impact the main game with what you could get out of them and would actually be fun to play repeatedly. Torgue is annoying at best so I may never get Campaign DLC and his Headhunter DLC is out of the question. Like I said, don't stress about Headhunter packs. You'll only get to view them in menu or in the Customization station and they have no special bonus that come with wearing them, so there is no real value to them in game.

Theunbreaker 453 

too bad that yote never got to play this dlc

Luke BassWalker Prentice 

If You Dont Mind What Are Your Computer Specs? It Looks Really Good.

Liam Dillon 



hugh munghus 

I know I may never get a response but , I got the handsome jack collection on xb1 and never got any of the dlc besides tiny Tina's dragon thing , I try going to downloadable content but it says it can't reach the server .mind you I have near flawless connection

virgil mcmath 

hes been playing this game for how long and he still doesn't know how to follow the map marker


I decided to get a super badass for the last one


meaty do you ever play happy wheels

alyssa martinez 

I can help I'm level 72 op8

Javier Castrejon 

Use your fucking minimap.

Kingdom Come257 

G37 H4RD 5C093D N00B

B-rads gaming 

Me and my brother would farm it i would stand on the edge of the gate while he fights it that way if he dies it's health doesn't reset.

Güneş Seyis 

I can't find this dlc..  :/

Deana Brownlee 

u suck

J.R. Spingly 

Is Wam Bam right behind the Wild life Preserve?

Long Popov 

Guys, do u know that this and other headhunter dlcs cost in Russia about 1.2 $?


Usually you make very small mistakes but that was just painful. Video was still enjoyable though.

Chase Leibel 

Is this dlc for Xbox 360

Rivery Jerald 

you are just level 62 and those mobs are level 49-50

Charlie Bodman 

doesn't it seem like the original vault hunters act like siblings I mean that's ho close they are

chad harrington 


chad harrington 

hey is thi on xbox 360

jawad ali paper 

You missed an easter egg

Joelo Gaming and more 

who can't wait for the new borderlands later this year

Hunter Blackwell 

The warrior doesn't drop the guns handsome jack does


is this only true vault hunter mode i dont see any enemies over 50?

Daniel Powell 

9:50 he crushed a Toshiba egg

Daniel Powell 

Hey meaty you remind me of my old favorite youtuber yoteslaya R.I.P YOTESLAYA


How are you leval 62 already

Charles Kirk 


Tyler Gefaller 


Nathan Bentley 

Anyone got the Infinity Pistol Level 50 and would like to Duplicate it for me send me a message on Xbox GT: Nabbyy


Joan Cardona 

Hey meat where you playing in the ASUS g750jz??? Awesome game

Frank G 

its always fun watching your vids

Uncle-Gamer Martinx 

I Love Border-Lands both of them... Wanna play part 2 & new one coming in the fall...

Kody Seward 

The gluttony one is not worth it. the thanksgiving one is bad

Rajinder Dhaliwal 

R.I.P Yoteslaya. you will be missed.

Will Cam 

Meat can yo do torges dlc again because you didn't finish uploading it pleas it would mean a lot for a long time sud :)

Camouflaged Cow 

Meatwagon22 is the new Yoteslaya. Thank you Yote for teaching us a life lesson.

Always Praying 

Borderlaaaands :D

Rekt Fire 

right at the beggining when u frist looked back there was ms moixxxxxs underdome areana

Donovan Brown 

wathchu want!



Yawn Mower 

my guess is that meaty is playing on true vault hunter mode and not ultimate that is why he is op

Nick TrapOG 

How about Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode since you bought the Level Cap Upgrades

Chandler Nutt 

i have been a devoted follower since the start of the channel and since then meaty has opened my eyes to things i did not know where there like zombies comeing through my floor at night ghasts floating in the forest nagas in my lake sentars roaming in the feilds but most of all i see all through his minecraft eyes thankyou meaty for u have given me a gift that no one else can give. ps love that u brought boarderlands back!!! :-)