Borderlands 2 How To Do The Lord Of The Rings Easter Egg Geary's Quest & Why Bane Hoplite?!?!


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Mr. Piggy 

my god your so god damn annoying

Internet Dinosaur 

If you accidentally kill Golum or that bandit, can I restart? Or is it permanently failed?

Sofy's Art 

i beat the game but i am not getting the ring in the furnace

please help


the ring isn't showing up for me and I've been trying for like 2 days

terrozer Legend 

11:25 i had no idea you could fix that bridge


why isn't yore shield recharging

john DeMeyer 

God your voice is fucking annoying

Robbie Medalla 

Tania Diego 

Trevor Smith 

When do you plan on making a new video on twitch

Trevor Smith 

IT WON'T LET ME DO IT btw sending this at 3:30 am so I hope u r like normal and on at 3:00 am

Randy Parsons 

So you have to beat the warrior twice right?


I beat the warrior and the item wont come in the furnace

Rachael Dizmang 

You can actually do the geary run on first playthrough as long as you have eridium blight open


Regarding the Breakneck Banshee class mod. .. you can use one as low as lvl 50 and still get the +6 to Fleet skill without taking such a massive hit to your health bar


can u guys do it on xbox plz if u a fourth person just ask i have a lot of time

Davy Johnes 

Boy oh boy, you're so bored...

Sergio M. Urbizu 

i just love this easter, i just love Borderlands so mucho!!


Can some of you guys help me get my assassin to op8? I really need help because hardly anyone plays and none of my friends have it. my gamertag is HLG cosmos. send me a message.

George Abdabdwengo 

Mak i have a question. If you are doing this co-op does it matter if other players die or is it only the ring-bearer who suffers the consequences?

Gordon Humer 

How are you going to do the jumps when you get to the volcano if you're gonna be moving slow as fuck

Becky Gray 

Surprised you didn't cover the head Geary drops if u kill him. It's a ugly ass head for zero. Not sure about the others

Internet Crazy 

why not use the fabled tortoise since you move slower with that than the hoplite

Connor Duffy 

MAK, this is not regarding this video but i am a PC player and have played over 400 hours on xbox. I just bought the game for PC and would like to get all my stuff back so I tried to use your gamesaves. I can only put one character into my game at a time because when I use the gibbed save editor it only allows me to use one of the saves... (whenever I try to put a second character in it says that I must overwrite the save in order to save it because it "already exists" even though it is not the same character) :/ thank you and if you can help in any way it would be highly appreciated (:

everything bro 

MAK you can take a vehicle but you cant teleport to the vehicle, just go back and enter the car manualy


Even if you already know how to do the Lord Of The Rings Easter Egg...this vid will prepare you and let you guys know exactly what we were trying to do with Bane's and Hoplites! Drunken Attempt #2 Will be up in a few minutes! <3 MAK

roope ankka 

you can go down, but if you run out of fight for your life you have to restart


the middle chest always have purple or better in it

Z0rg0n Destroyer of Worlds 

dude MAK the names for all of your chracters are hilarious

Jackson Wheeler 

lol who doesn't know this easteregg?the game is a year old


Oh yeah I remember doin this one. It was a pain but could also pay off at the end

bro coo 

mak i have deployed a car but instead of teleporting in just go in manually and it still worked

Broccoli Head 

they patched zombie maya? :( man I was only gone from this game for 3 months


You are so fucked


! love you Mak, great video!


Woo, under 301

Far Far Left 

Bitch I'm first unmade or nah he


The Rakks are coming!

james morrison 

yaay under 301

Shaymin's Legend 

Under 301 club

Tim Man 

great vidja mak u the man

jimmy neutronius 


Michael Miserendino 

MAK is always first lol

carson knowles 

First lol