Black People Can't Be Racist


Arguers: Paul Mooney, Michael Eric Dyson, Franchesca Ramsey

Argument: Because black Americans cannot enact racism via institutions, they cannot be racist as individuals.

Counter-Argument: Institutions and individuals are different contexts in which racism can be discussed; they should not be conflated.

Arguers' Faults: Neglecting context and splitting hairs.

Paul Mooney Interview:

Michael Eric Dyson on Racism:

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Topics:  Society

A black man as president signed executive law into order. So yes; a black person can have dictatorial power in this nation; has created rule over people and there for all black humans around the globe can be racist.

I tried my best to make my argument as illogical as the ones presented by the other side.

A Hoff-Elsing 

I get discriminated by all races just because I wear a MAGA hat. I’m not complaining I’m simply answering yes, they can.

Andy Warren 

The Left think so little of black people they automatically categorize them as powerless and unable to succeed. To me, that is racist.


Look, I'm just here to say; "White people can't dance" Meet Justin Timberlake, my friend.

Steveo Gregg 

I don't hate paul mooney because he's black or because his gay . I hate him because he's a racists pig. That shit that actually happened and I believe him. Happened at least 55 years ago. Can you fuckin get tha hell over it. DUMB ASS . If you new your history. Witch you don't. We have all been slaves at one time in history. SOO BOO HOO WHERE'S MY REPARATIONS ????

Steveo Gregg 


Camren Ortiz 

I mean a counter argument is that I have never stopped someone from drinking from a fountain either so I am not racist

Sóslon Breki Ellertsson 

Everybody can be racist


If you say that you can't be racist because of your race, but that someone else is because of their race.

Guess what? You're the racist one.

It honestly makes me scared to see how absolutely retarded humans can be. This is just unbelievable.

Mike Angel 


Black Americans are the biggest racist in the country.

They are using the guilt of the modern white American

to get away with behavior that would otherwise be illegal. Wake up you sissyfied white people, you are helping your enemies commit genocide against you. Oh, all you Walter Mitty

types, who just love your college sports, guess what,

your teenage daughter has a belly full of black jizz because of your obsession with sports. IDIOTS

Gonzalo Vazquez Avila 

Michael Dyson is a loudmouth


The fuck is a "white folk" dictionary?

Robert Silvis 

If you hate, or dislike someone, or feel that they're "worse" than you, based solely on their race, you ARE a racist.

veress samu 

Uncle Ruckus

Disagrees with this title !

Damage. Inc 

What do you call a racist Muslim, Islamic.

Ranting Guy 

You made me think about this in a whole new way. Good video and good arguments!

sandra martinez 

here this will help blacks are haters of white people and white are a race of people as are blacks so they hate my skin color and this makes them white skin hating raciest


You also forgot to mention that the idea completely falls on its head between minorities when there’s no way to measure power. Although I agree black people can be racist against white people I think often times it needs to be put in proper context. There’s reactionary racism and unprovoked racism. Both are terrible but the prior is responsive, Black people for the most part fall into reactionary racism.


*laughing in EU*

Mister Smart 

I'm black and this sounds dumb anyone could be racist

nimrod ifill 

These kind of Black People want the same for White's as it was in the pass, simple


It's a simple thing really. They say black people can be prejudice against whites and racism is to be prejudice against a race or races. Therefore black people can be racist.


Black people can be racist. They are a race, therefore, its logical to say (and believe and see) that certain sects ARE racist. They believe they are better than anyone, especially white people.

Being racially prejudiced is being racist. If a white person tried to play that shit, I would call them out too, so I dont think its fair that black people get to act like some of them arent racist just because they dont wanna call it racism. Call a spade a spade, my friend.

Sunny Island 

It ain't about color (whateva da hell dat means).

It's about how peoples carryin on, how they act, and do.

Yu kno, how they treatin everybody.


Actually the blacks do have institutional power in some areas, the mainstream liberal media has quite a bit of power, as do most large cities and states such as California, which are overwhelmingly liberal and institutionally give preferential treatment to blacks and other minorities at the expense of whites.

nate Tally 




a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that one's own racial group is superior or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.


of or like racists or racism:

racist policies; racist attitudes.

agata darosa 


Bfme Fan 

So blacks, can treat whites like crap. Fuck you if you think that.

Vincent Mileto 

Anyone, black, white, red, or yellow, can be racist!

Yet I believe in the USA very few people are true racists!

The meaning of the word RACIST has been twisted over the years by the far left!

Now everybody is predjudice! Conciously and unconciously!

We all size up one another all the time!

So according to these black people, The left is racist against the right because the left uses

institutional power to back it up!

Institutional power? YES! When the left controls the govt for the better part of the last 50 years, especially the inner major cities, as well as the Media, Acedemia, Hollyweird, and last but no least the unions! Thats plenty of INSTUTIONAL POWER!

Bfme Fan 

You wish blacks couldnt be racist

sparky nuts 

Bunch of morons. Black people(obama) have all the power. Just scream racism and you are coddled. Obama had the power to ruin healthcare in the whole fuckin country


They just want a sense of empowerment. They feel like their ancestors, which is impossible cuz they're dead and so is that era of time. It's pathetic that they want to share the pain of the actual slaves and try to use that to justify their actions.

Amber Parker 

THIS MFR!? LMFAO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Guys I hate all races the same 👍


Isn't it racist to say that black people can't be racist

John Luke Brand 

The fact that black people say they can't be racist but they can be prejudiced shows how f****** stupid they are prejudice is racism are the same thing the word prejudice what is used before the word racism existed.


I personally think that anyone can be racist towards anyone. It’s harder to be racist towards White people but POC definitely have the potential to be able to. I grew up in a diverse area, and did get called racist terms from multiple kinds of people. I found that I don’t really care what you call it. Doesn’t matter who says racial crap to me, it hurts just the same.

Christina Aaron 

I love Morgan Freeman. He calls it as he sees it.

mason kuzma 

Good job with the music bro, I fucking love the blues

mason kuzma 

By definition, I’m not racist either, fuckin retard hahaha


i reject your reality and substitute my own


Let’s break this down even simpler... racist... Race... Ist....

race- the fact or condition of belonging to a racial division or group; the qualities or characteristics associated with this

Ist-forming personal nouns and related adjectives denoting an adherent of a system of beliefs, principles, etc.

So... literally only of ANY race... can be racist 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

Desirea Moore 

Hurry hurry! Confuse the general population, especially the little ones. Because when we live in a gray area, noone can be held responsible for their actions when things are so unclear. How about just not sucking as a HUMAN RACE?


everybody can be racist

kazuki mad 

If you cant be a racist if you dont have power to back it up,dosent that mean a majority of whites cant be racist


Its ok to be white


since black people would control society and the government of a west African country, if I go there can I not be racist anymore?

Voidless Knight 

Any person that believes black people cant be racist. Actually have 1 brain cell remaining in there cranium. Anyone can be racist. The past is the past this is the present I’m white and I didn’t whip or enslave anyone therefore I’m not guilty of racism. Therefore calling me a word like cracker makes that person racist because I did not judge that person based on there skin color.


Or just based on scientific fact that there are no races of people. /end argument.

Stanley Curtis 

when it comes to power shift you are half right. Yes, power shift exists but in this case, shifting isn't possible because if you control everything even the masses then you really have a lot of power over pretty much a lot of things. The power shift can only happen is if Africans actually truly belong to the western world, which wouldn't happened any time soon