Bitcoin is Being Manipulated (Bitcoin Futures Explained)


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Channel:  King Crypto
Topics:  Society
alex bartlett 

Bitmex sets a record in volume days prior to the most recent drop.. coincidence?


I don't think Bitcoin will end just yet. In fact this is only really the beginning of crypto currencies. I reckon the next big hit will be privacy coins as security and privacy remains one of the biggest problems. Staying anonymous will become an important aspect of the crypto world so with the likes of Monero, Verge and DeepOnion etc will likely to overtake other coins in the near future.

Emil Owner 

I sell stuff on Ebay and i never seen something like this. Since yesterday i did not have any person visiting my adds.

That means people went of the internet and going for holiday.

Regina Tuttle 




I hate being right. this could be the beginning of the cascade down. Stop losses will be tripped like crazy and the market is already flush with coins. I feel sick, and 6k will not hold cause the stop loss cascade, that will be tripped. possible 3200-3500 before it will stop. please do a worse case video for us so we can get a over all perspective of what could happen..


Asian Miracle 

When will the market go up?

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Desert Dan 

Hey mate whats going on with crypto market right now, is this the end of our dreams that we will become rich?



Great analysis young man, I think it is due to most of the kids buying crap coins for quick riches and not the King Bitcoin, perhaps it is pricey for them, but they're forgetting the Principal of crypto is to void the blood sucking banks. Keep the good works.. Thank you

Jim Allen 

Compare the status of BTC to all other markets when the futures crowd got involved. Definitely a parallel there. Futures happen when they are afraid of something and want to kill it.

Osythenea Carpenter 

What single coin has the best chance to go from a few pennies to btc status? And can that happen in 3to5 yrs? Thx LNufjenYpCUSSQ7oKGSGQRbzLZ7Kcgf9sf


Bulls are stacking on Bitcoin!!! They wanna make us believe that the market is bullish and then drop it further down to stack some more! Let’s just hodl our way up!!

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liberty justice 

I was screaming this the whole time. If you look btc price began to drop as soon as futures existed coincedence yeah right.

Lucky Mike 

So many bad news about crypto its becoming depresing right now!



I’ve been saying this for months. At first, there was a definite pattern. Every 3 days, the price would jump or fall significantly, and it was always at 6:00AM and 6:00PM, almost on the dot. (i.e. Price increase at 6:00AM on one day, then, 3 days later, a sharp drop at 6:00PM) As soon as I mentioned this pattern to someone on social media, the pattern stopped immediately. Coincidence? Maybe. But yeah, think about how easy it is when you have millions of dollars to drop in and out of crypto without batting an eye: Buy in at, say, $6,600, then wait for the price to run up a bit more as “normal” people see the spike, and don’t want to miss-out, in case this is the bullish breakout we’ve all been waiting for, the price hits $6,750-$6,800, have a short bet in place, and then, as soon as the time is right, dump everything you bought at $6,600. Make money on the BTC, and make money on the short. Double profits, easy-peasy lemon squeezy. Then just keep doing it over and over again, indefinitel

MC273 MC 

The government wants to control everything.

I think this is a bad idea since they mostly fail.

But atleast the US Government leaves you alone.

Compare this with Europe and they don’t.


mark my words, it's coming down to 3.8k over the next year.. you are going to want to be back in before 2020 for the next moon. i'm hodling though

Anthony Bradley 

I dont think its going back up for awhile, probably going down. Now the time to buy, wait til it rises a little and sell if you want to make money. Just like the stock market. Pinching pennies to make little profit.... Great video King Crypto, glad to see you back.....


Neil R 

Coinbase let my account be compromised. I lost everything. They will get back to me in 5 days


Thanks for posting :)



Binod Kumar 

I lost

Akshay Kemkar 

The CME group jump in the future contact just to manipulate the market and they did it well in last year and earned a lot. The only people survived that condition which have a long experience of market. Obviously not me. This time Nasdaaq may do the same. Be prepared.



The market is both too new and too small to defend itself against whales. Futures is a way for the elite to make bank and leave the common man out. We need to unite and detach from future contracts.

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For sure the Wall Street manipulators are at work with futures contracts. At the same time they are buying low and selling at the slightest rise.


For sure the Wall Street manipulators are at work with futures contracts. At the same time they are buying low and selling at the slightest rise.

Mo Crypto 

Bitcoin futures imho are definitely the main reason for holding btc' back.I agree that in the long run this won't matter. Bitcoin indeed though is different to others like Gold or Uranium. Fantastic store of value , censorship resistant and proven to be a secure payment system. As well thinking of the resources going into mining and startups etc.. Bitcoins value can only go up over time despite heavy market manipulation through futures and other means huge demand and lesser bitcoins will solve this.

ronald mabunga jr 

The Cartel is Bitcoin Futures. Pinning down Bitcoin price.

Johnny Bull 

Let the bulls loose