Biracial Model Who Dated Donald Trump Says He Said: 'You're like Derek Jeter'


The biracial model who dated Donald Trump before he met Melania is speaking out in the wake of Trump's controversial response to the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. "I didn't hide my race from Donald Trump. He knew," Kara Young told The New York Times. "He would say, 'You're like Derek Jeter.' Young and Trump dated for about two years, before she went on to marry another billionaire. "I never heard him say a disparaging comment towards any race of people," she said.


At least he didn't say she reminded him of Ivanka? I guess he wanted a little flava after all those vanilla daughter-clones.

Robby Patterson 

Obama used to date white men, but he killed his A$$ off and married a black man

Shan Nonymous 

The man can't keep his dick in his pants


His dick has been inside her 😷 gross

John Crosetto 

We're all racist, it's a matter of degrees...


To the comments such as "She ain't biracial, she is white!"

Uh, you have to be the son of Helen Keller to think that! 😒

Angelo Gomez 

Only a Hooker would defend a racist like Donald trump as long as she gets paid duh disgusting

BeastMaster AkA ThaBarbaric1 

Damn shes fine

yo mama 

He's not racist

Ran Butch75 

I think both sides can agree that trump banged some of the hottest chicks around the world. Respect


her mother is half black why don't they get it right

Dad E DuBose 

Who cares who she modeled for?

michael preston 

What on Earth did she want with that Fat Sloppy Fool?

Bacon Man! 

Gold digging xD

Alexander Cooney 

yo that's a compliment !?!? Derek Jeter was an excellent baseball player.

Alice Curtiss 

Trump was getting some pussy, so of course he wouldn't say anything racist that would prevent him from dipping his little dick in the heavenly hole.


Any of these white Hollywood once they vote republicans will be called racists.


And the media wants us to believe Trump is a can a racist eho hares black people date a sista?...CNN this defies logic !!!


You're getting played. Why call her biracial but Obama black?


These comments make me lose all hope in American education.

freedom or death 

Trump has never been accused of racism until he got elected. It's non sense.

freedom or death 


G. H 

So he thought that she was a baseball player?


Ah, now the liberal left uses the term biracial.

They never used it with obama

HaztaLaVista BaBy 

Only intelligent dark color people like me, ignore the fake news narrative that D.J. President Trump is racist in a negative harmful way. We all humans some kindda racist, but, not to go as far to harm others because of the nature of differences as Mandrill Maxine Waters is. Such a beautiful name for a nasty dirty “woman”?

Mina Rosered 

He also dated Robin Givens.

Latoria Jones 

Pussy has nothing to do with race!!!

The Orange Pekoe Teabag Band 

Trump would never say a disparaging word about black people to a black woman who was about to give him a blow job or whatever sexual services it was she was offering. And let's face it, even slave owners were known for raping their female slaves their daughters and THEY were the American pioneers of racial hatred. I mean, any black woman who uses the fact that Trump stuck his dick in her as proof that he's not racist needs her head examined.

Pretty Prudent 

THRILLED to see so many comments here rising out of Jealousy. This is interesting 😉 She’s a lovely biracial (black & white) Beauty like Duchess Meghan Markle 💪🏻🕊

Eric Davidson 

Horrifying 😭when did we become such a whining victim group of people shut up you spoiled brat


The looney left


Her mommas white, of course she's comfortable around trash like Trump.

DAD Hogue 



She was in Coming to America at the bar scene. She said she wouldn't date anyone unless he has a BMW.

Bobby Collins 

she did not date president donaly trump, she dated trump, period.

IThink_ BLM 

shes racially ambiguous.With a little make-up and an accent she can pass for white

Gina Rodriguez 

Lmao How would you really know? People change or their mask fall off. People don't just say it. It's hidden very well. You're half white. But you were horrified that he said both sides huh? Sometimes we don't want to believe or be associated with someone like that. But it is what it is.....

Azolio Eroach 

☝🤓Just because someone would be willing to have sex with a supermodel doesn't mean that they're not a racist.😉

Brandon Foster 

She didn’t know he was a racist not that he ever would’ve told her. Bc for years he was s closet racist but now he can be freely to judge and put ppl down by the color of their skin


He only said that After she gave him herpes...


I bet she will soon be attacked by the left wing false media like CNN and the washington com post to name a few... they will be boiling when they see this.

Rigo Jr 

I dont trust the women who dated trump there all gold diggers why would they be with a fat ugly old man

James Curtis 

And of course she looks White. Which is the only reason he dated her.

Eddie Simongkhonh 

Money can buy you anything, even a wife or a girlfriend.

George R 

That’s mad funny

Unel Mitchell 

racist have always forced black women to sleep with them just look at this country's history! it speaks for itself!

Unel Mitchell 

racist have always forced black women to sleep with them just look at this country's history! it speaks for itself!

Unel Mitchell 

racist have always slept with black women just look at this country's history!

Unel Mitchell 

racist have always slept with black women just look at this country's history!

samantha simon 

He wasnt racist cuz she looks white lmfaoo.