Biotechnology - Plant Biotechnology


Biotechnology - Plant Biotechnology (Transgenic plants, Herbicide Resistant Plants, Glyphosate Tolerant Plants, Sulphonylurea Tolerant Plants, Atrazine Tolerant Plants, Phosphinothricin Tolerant Plants, Bromoxynil Tolerant Plants, Insect Resistant Plants, Animal Cells, Plant Cells, Tissue Cultures, Viruses, Prokaryotes)

Plant biotechnology is a precise process in which scientific techniques are used to develop molecular and cellular based technologies to improve plant productivity, quality and health; to improve the quality of plant products; or to prevent, reduce or eliminate constraints to plant productivity caused by diseases, pest organisms and environmental stresses. It can be defined as human intervention on plant material by means of technological instruments in order to produce permanent effects, and includes genetic engineering and gene manipulation to obtain transgenic plants.

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