BI Software Drives Value The Next Wave of Customers’ Business Strategies


Business intelligence (BI) remains a market of top interest for buyers and software vendors alike, with trend-setting firms such as Tableau shaking up customers’ perceptions while enterprise software vendors evolve broader deployments to embed analytics and become agile in the market. TBR’s Business Intelligence Customer Research examines the performance of front-runners in the market, based on feedback from the buyers themselves, including sales and portfolio success and customer satisfaction across the BI software market by segment.

TBR invites you to view a webinar that originally aired on Wednesday Oct. 1, 2014, and discussed the findings of its BI Software Customer Research, which expounds on themes such as the direction of the BI software market, purchaser maturity by BI software market segment, customer satisfaction and forward-looking analysis of buyer trends. The webinar covered topics such as the current state of BI software adoption, the different approaches to selling to ...