Best Social Networking Apps 2013


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We heart it:

Sal Ante 


Sal Ante 

Viddy he said windy

Ryan Pullaro 

I've never heard of any of these apps

Denisse H 

OMG! Love all of them! You're like, the first person to post a good video on social apps. NO JOKE.

Daniel de Gaston 

1Feed has arrived!  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and all your other social media apps are now in one simple to use and navigate app!  This app combines all the different social media sites into one.  No more taking time to switch between feeds and apps.  Make social media faster and easier!  This app is available on Android and iPhone!

Thomas Lakatos 


Seruwagi Ivan 

thanks i got it

Kyle Ulrich 

It's 'V'iddy



It also says so in my description!


Afterski - Dj Broiler

The song is norwegian so I am not quite sure if you will get it!

Seruwagi Ivan 

what is the name of the song at the start of the video pls respond


i owe u man!!!!!!

Marek Michalec 

What was the song at the start? good video through, liked and subbed!

Andrzej Podbielki 

How much do Wrestle jump cost?