Best Keyword Research Tool: Keywords Everywhere Tutorial


Keywords Everywhere is a free chrome and firefox browser extension that will give you free keywords for your youtube videos and other content strategy projects.

Keywords Everywhere:

Answer The Public:


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Tayene Silveira 

thank you, very useful

Eileen Vincett 

Super helpful video. Thank you!

Sangeeta's Kreations 

Namaste friend Salma, thank you so much for sharing these tools information and will definitely be using it for my next videos. Love your smile, how you explain clearly and make it very simple to understand.Thank you so much and love you.

Kevin Kolbe Media 

I'm working on a project and actually forgot the power of Keywords Everywhere. Your video reminded me just how cool the tool is (accidentally rhyme). One question - if I'm using for simple topic research to gauge interest before creating, couldn't I just focus on the search volume and disregard CPC and Competition? Thanks

One Guitarist 

Great video, and explained very well! I just started my channel two months ago and have 145 organic subs, but want to be more strategic with my videos in 2019. I have this plug-in but haven't really used it just yet. Thanks for this helpful video!


im ready


Thanks ๐Ÿ‘

Oscar E. Ortiz 

Very thorough explanation Salma, thanks!

Vel Saravanan 

what does competition means

Bobbie Hennessy 

Excellent video and I look forward to having others reach out and see this awesome video. Thanks, Bobbie

Brandon Durham 

Just want to give you a thumbs up youโ€™ve earned it that was super helpful and well done! Thanks Salma Jafri

Viral Video 

Please make a video on how to get traffic on website

Gleidson Oliveira 

Nice video, thx for the informat1on


hovering on answerthepublic doesn't work for me :(

Viral Video 

Thank was very helpfull...always make such videos...great job

Don James Samy 

Really a great tool to create content on youtube and to know what people are searching for. Thank you, Salma for the detail video sharing

Digital comicme 

nice info.... u earn my sub..... ill will explore all your vid

Ope Leke 

this tool is better and less complicated than google keyword planner

Bellissimo deals 

This was useful for my business. I will be using Keyword everywhere to get ranked. Thank you.

How to Photograph by Walid Azami 

such a good job explaining this!


please tell us about competition in detail please

Sagar Dixit 

What exactly competition scale means?? And how do you find best keyword should it be high or low

Cobra Hunter13 


Md. Nazmul Hossain 

Hi Salma. good morning. I have added the extension to my chrome browser it showing monthly searching rate but not showing "related keywords" and "people also search for" options. would you advise me about the problem?

jolly nakibirango 

Your screen looks like mine :) very useful trust me

Holiday Miller 

so helpful! Thank you for sharing!


Thank you for the good information, this is the first time I've heard of "Answer the Public". That was VERY helpful. I also appreciate your calm, clear, and relaxed way of getting your information across.


After watching this, I am jumping on this thing.

I'm all about the analytics.

Adaeshay Oli 

Thank you for the information


The competition percentages, what would be considered high and low competition percentages? If this question makes sense. For example .2 % VS 1.0 percent

Wondering Green Man 

Just found this and will definitely be using it for my next videos! Thank you for the easy breakdown!

Nancy S. Flores 

Hi, Thank you for your video. Can I ask what kind of tool do you use for recording your videos? Thanks

Adela Rubio 

Thanks, Salma! Clearly explained. Powerful tool. You've got me excited about keywords. :)

Barbara Barbler 


Simple Technical 

lets make a sub to sub

Jessica Olivia 

What a lovely familiar face! I am just getting into Keywords Everywhere. About to watch this video! Thanks in advance for the tutorial.

Apurva Shah 

Hi Salma one doubt i have is...though u can see Competition in numeric terms but how do i come to know whether its Low, Medium or High

Danielle M Holdman, B.Msc., CPC 

Thank you for sharing this tool! Love how it integrates with a variety of website including answerthepublic and etsy! two sites that I frequently use! I normally use tubebuddy for my videos but this tool will not only be fantastic addition for the videos but also my website Seo (which I use Yoast)

John Wahbi 

Awesome video and lots of new knowledge for me re: Keyword Search Tool and Answer the Public. Thank You Salma

Lourdes Uzuriaga 

Really useful video! Loved it :)

Zohare Haider 

Super useful advice, thank you!

Mohammed SameerUddin 

Mashallah itโ€™s very helpful video for me thanks

Helping Bharat 

Your contry?

Lucia Ruane 

Thank you, I see entrepreneur have uploaded your/this youtube video....


are you pakistani if you are please give me a shoutout


thank you so much mam.......for sharing this type of information.....

Mighty Itauma Itauma 

Thanks for sharing! :) 

It seems like a super useful tool. I don't understand where Keywords Everywhere or, indeed, Answer The Public, get their data from? Any ideas Salma or anybody else who is well informed? I'd love to know.

Hum Jeetenge 

grt work i am just revisiting the whole things and this will be a great addon \../

Nina Pop Williams 

This is great advice! I actually had some out loud ahha moments... ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ