Best Aftermarket Slim Fans?? SPAL Slim Fans!!


Sorry for taking so long in making this video but i went threw a couple of changes/setups before I actually got it right. So long overheating issues! These spal slim fans keep temps under control in any situation. Over a year and a half of abuse and they're showing no sign of giving up.

jose ortega 

And you bought the wrong electric fan wiring harness to its made for older V8 engines and need a different hiring harness that has a probe that goes threw the core of the radiator by the top radiator hose

jose ortega 

You Dumbass you put the thermo switch on the wrong place your suppose to put it by the top hose you dumbass that will kick on your fans earlier than later

jay turner 

If your factory sensor worked would you have still hardwired? I asked as I wired mine directly to the factory circuit. Works fine


Man must be nice to have 2 large fans I'm struggling to fit 1 10" due to 6"thick fmic and top mount turbo ugh. Nice work tho keep the videos coming


Hey man, I just found your channel and your videos are great! I just purchased an auto gsx and it is currently bone stock with ac still working. I want to run a very similar setup to yours (turbo wise) and want to do everything in my power to keep it. I am also a socal native, Long Beach area, and find it awesome to see a car like yours actually working.


Holy shit bro an NPT threaded fitting should never just thread in like that, it's a tapered thread, it should basically never bottom out, and a couple threads in be impossible to turn by hand. If that fitting leaks it will be because of that.

Next time just don't run the tap all the way thru.

Rabbon-I The Genesis 

On my 1g the stock A/C switch works as the over ride switch but I have no A/C

whisker biscuit 

Just FYI, I followed your advice on the poor man's 6 bolt timing cover. So far it looks to be pretty decent for the price. Good advice, thanks.

April Stanley 

A 2g non turbo 4g64 spyder radiator works really well. Has the coolant pipes layed out like a 1g And it bolts right in.