Best Adventure & Dual Sport Helmets of 2018


Adventure helmets are a tough nut to crack. They have to be strong yet light, quiet yet well vented. Capable on the road, off it and everywhere in between. We do the research for you and bring you our picks for the best adventure helmets for 2018.

Gear list:

0:30 - Klim Krios Adventure Helmet -

1:30 - Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS -

4:29 - Schuberth E-1 Adventure Helmet -

5:29 - Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet -

8:23 - Arai XD-4 Adventure Helmet -

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Bob Walsh 

Proper weight weenie?

Stephen Bushway 

The XD4 I had didn't have a drop down sun screen. It''s also not a modular. That's a couple things you didn't mention.

I have no trouble lowering the screen on my EXO. Definitely easier to find quickly than the slide on the Nolan 104 which is the same location as the Schuberth. I do agree on the value of the Scorpion. Love mine.


I wish ALL reviews were done by this guy. Straight to the point, we’ll spoken and unfiltered!


Great review but even the cheapest helmet is out of reach for me this year :( anything in the clearance section of F9 is too small and thus useless for me.

SeriousMetalGuy alias El Duderino 

I really really Love the high end stuff that you feature. The Thing is that i Drive a 1600€ Bike. I can't dream of spending more than 200€ on a helmet. As sad as it is. But the arai Looks really awesome.

Pater louk 

2018 klx 250 reviw please!!!!

peter green 

absolutely the most enjoyable, informative , high quality production vids out there, your a talented man Ryan!!

Clint Terrill 

Ive watched a ton of your reviews and you are by far the best reviewer Ive seen. Thank you.

Sarah Dell 

Absolutely the best motorcycle based channel on YouTube. I wish you shipped to the US, as I would gladly support.

Derrick Murphy 

As always on top of your game.Thanks.


Your vids are the cats ass!

Ian du Plessis 

Awesome!!! Thanx for a great review with quirky comments.

The Late Boy Scout 

AT950 FTW.

Paul Morris 

arai helmets

Worth every penny

Buy nothing else

Everything else is garbage my mom works in a hospital and she told me buy an arai helmet and ill let you ride a bike as your first vehicle if you get an arai nothing else is acceptable so i got an arai and a ujm

Been hit by 8 cars ( 3 of em my fault being a dickhead ) and have slid out more times then i can count

Wont ride in anything other the arai

Alex Causey 

To me as a rider road noise has saved my fanny many times by being able to hear the tires of a vehicle rolling up on either side of me avoiding an accident on the Highway..!

Mr. Mosegaard 

Totally BS - you obviously have NOT been riding with those helmets for a long period! 👎🏻🤔

James Carson 

Smooooth! My Man - you could sell sand to the Sandman - well done. Cheers!


E1 on closeout at RevZilla for $399 FTW

Road Glide 

Aria and Shoei is number one. Oh I’m sorry Shoei didn’t make this list. It should have. Any modular helmet here in American doesn’t get the SNELL rating so the Scorpion & Shuberth are out. Getting a SNELL rating is extremely important and why we wear a helmet. Lastly. If you have a $10 head buy a $10 helmet. There’s no budget for me in purchasing the safest helmet. Aria XD4 all day every day. Because no one wants to be a vegetable if they can manage it through top shelf gear. Good review Mate.

Peter O'Connell 

What, no Shoei Hornet? A direct competitor to the Arai and not everyone has an 'Arai' head.


you don't speak about the Nexx X.Wed2 ?

Jean Boilard 

Just order from them an MX9 aventure snow at an unbeatable price today. Great place to buy.

Yoni Garty 

Great vid!

Josh Smith 

I don't even own a bike and have no idea why I watched this. But it was excellent. Funny, well delivered and clear. Which is the best helmet for sitting on the sofa, bored during a Thursday evening? haha

Jos Koevoet 

If you want a helmet with a peak and good ventilation for commuting and touring -only on road - what would you pick? Arai xd4?

Diago Le Ben 

ARAI vs. SHOEI - fight

Diago Le Ben 

Wow, best review! Very well done

William Kinnane 

Highly informative


It's my understanding that the E1 chin bar pins are only supposed to align properly when on the head due to the cheeks being pushed out slightly when worn.

D A 

Great review as always, I have a request though, could you make a comparison video between the Arai XD4 and the new Touratech Aventuro Carbon2? Please and thank you!

SLAV willis Almera 

I got the bell mx 9 fits well not too loud, comfortable, definitely recommend it

Adam Lee 

I have the scorpion. Best multi purpose road bias helmet I've ever had. When it starts to look ratty and needs replacing I'll get another the same

RIVOQ - Regroupement d'Informations sur les Vestiges Oubliés du Québec 


And the HJC RPHA 90, what do you think about it in details? Any chance you could review it?

Alejandro Meneses 

I must say that you must have received a Schuberth that should have never passed inspection. I tried every E1 in the store and none had any alignment problems.

Pete Miranda 

Awesome the cheeky humour... keep it up...

Vasco Pais Brandão 

Excellent as usual. It almost like the Arai: perfect (unless you use prescription glasses - then the Scorpion is my choice - I own two).

Stone Cold Steve Autism 

Please change the channel name to SoyNine.

Evangelos K 

You were totally in my mind before I watched this video: a year and a half ago I got the Schuberth C3 basic and I’m suffocating! I live in Greece and temperatures can get pretty high, so it’s kind of a hell with that thing around my head. I can’t wait to go back to the Arai!

michael smith 

I’ve been wearing an XD-4 for the last year and love it! I looked at the Aventuro Carbon 2, but decided on the Arai and never looked back.

Yeah, it was $550... but if you ride allot, it justify’s the safety and comfort.


Anyone used Airoh helmets before? They just have a new sick lokjing ADV Helmet called Airoh Commander, but l can't find any reviews.

luke munnery 

Could you please review the Spirit DSV3 Fluo/Black helmet

krayzie_E soBreezy 

Arai is just the best. Enough said

Luis Roberto Diaz Quintanilla 

Hey Ryan I just got the arai and thought it was a bad idea, but now that I see your input, I can rest.....and yes, i ran out of kidneys to sell ...

Blake Axtell 

I have watched Ryan for a while and he is invariably entertaining and when he gets into the technical it is accurate. I learned much from his video on DOT vs Snell. I researched hard for a dual sport for an Alaska trip in 2019. I was biased toward BMW as I own a K1200GT and did own an 1150GS. I was leaning toward the BMW F800GSA and his video on that bike sealed that decision. I now own one. Before I watched this video I bought an Arai XD 4 because of the Snell rating. What he says here is right. After a Nolan and 4 HJCs including the RPHA ST I really like the XD4. Quiet and great fit. I never got the right fit that from any Shoei I tried. It should come with pin lock. It was fogging in the rain last week. Nice work to the whole F9 team.

Sully goes 

Okay, you win, I'll subscribe. Excellent, well produced review.

Juan Felipe Arango 

What about agv ax8 or the new ax9?

Niklas Herding 

I currently use a Shoei GT air with Cardo packtalk slim and they work perfectly together. The GT air comes with sockets for the speakers. But since i ride the KTM 1190 ADV R i want a dualsport helmet that also comes with sockets for the speakers. Have you come across any reasonably priced helmet that you would recomend?

Cedric Franzen 

Hey Ryan,

awesome review as always. I'm watching you from Europe, and sadly I can't find the Scorpion EXO-AT950 over here. What they do sell is the Scorpion ADX-1, which looks exactly the same and has identical feature from what I can see. But in the description of the AT950 it says policarbonate, while for the European ADX-1 it mentions thermoplastic resin. Which according to your other video is one of the things to avoid. Do you (or anybody else on here) know if the two helmets are actually identical safety wise? Now of course I could buy an AT950 on amazon in the US and have it shipped, but it only has DOT approval from what I can see, so it's not street legal here.

Any help highly appriciated :)

Kyu Park 

Show us how u wash ur bike dude


Hey Ryan, do you think the Aria is safer than the bell (in this video)? Overall? Or would you say the bell is safer for off-road and the Arai for on-road?? Thanks! Appreciate all your awesome videos. (Would be nice to have SNELL and MIPS.)