Beat Saber - How To Hit For 100+ Points Consistently


A short guide to improve your score by using what I call "Tipping". The score difference seems low but that is because the custom map I showcased the difference on is very short. If you try this on a longer beat map then you will notice a bigger difference.

Song - Naruto Shippuden - Rainy Day (ksolis Trap Remix)

Mapped By - AntRazor

Link - Not available for download.

Mods ( See discord )

- Ahsoka Sabers by Oshi

- CameraPlus

- CustomAvatar

- CustomSaber

- Unofficial Leaderboard Plugin Oculus

- PracticePlugin

- BeatSaver Downloader

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Channel:  AntRazorPlay

This song is so chill, wish there was a download for it :(


Im trying to get number 1 on bitch lasagna.. I even tried speeding the song up

Scratch Shot 

What i do is when its a easier part of the song i just do straight wide cuts at the middle of the note, but when it gets intense i just hit the notes and go on


intstructions not clear, blade now in stratosphere


I guess I've always sliced near the tip. However, to do consistent big cuts I find that it's more important is that you need to almost utilize more wrist movement to get that angle.


Do you hold the controllers normally or with two fingers through the hole?

Benjamin Veldhuizen 

good luck doing this on expert +


Why i don't have this song on psvr


Bold of you to assume I actually hit the note

Paul Flurry 

this definitely works, thanks man!


devs main marth confirmed

Catherine Dodson 

I always got 100 or more ever since I started playing. Must be my sports background lol.

jacob Goldstein 

Hey how you record in 3rd person


No the scoring is just stupid


actually i have tried this method on my own and i can almost fully agree with this technique. yes you do see more 100 by doing this but it is due to the extra control of the angle the saber comes from. but i also have to say that in some cases this doesn't work such as in faster paced songs because it is ez to accidentally swing early and with fast repetive notes hitting it with the tip and moving on to the next block could end up giving you 40 or less points.

overall if one wants to get a higher score just practice and you will just end up hitting the center more often. no real technique.


Sorry, i didn't get what you were talking about. And I see no difference between the two runs.

SalsaKetchup VR 

Nice video; I guess that by hitting with the tip you are maximising the greatest possible range of movement angles of the sabers, one the blocks, so you get a more consistent high score per block.


I don't get it still. I'm just going to play for fun and if i finish the song, then I did enough. I'm sick of hitting ALL the blocks and still getting a B.

Hopping Mad Media 

How are n you getting all these alternate camera angles?

Some Loser 

I got 10th place on the leaderboard normally for an Ali a meme custom map (a while ago)... SO IMAGINE WHAT I COULD DO NOW

mik vr 

I cant see the difference..



Deven Ny 


Alison Boucher 

do circle pit by virus syndicate and phaseone

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156TH Y E E

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