Be More Assumptive to Be More Influential | #TomFerryShow Episode 110


Be more assumptive to be more influential!

The language you use with your customers is so important!

You and I both know that you can enhance your ability to be influential simply through the words you are using.

In this week’s episode of the #TomFerryShow I’ll teach you:

-Why assumptive language will help you get the win

-8 mini scripts

-The mindset required to generate more GCI!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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Channel:  Tom Ferry
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Anna Jane 

Love your look, energy and dropping Gold! Simple, easy and effective 👍🏽

Werner Barnard 

In India they shake their head no to whatever they say!

Jeremy Grobben 

Great episode Tom! Thank you, excellent content and delivery as usual!!

Jason DeFrancesco 

Hi Tom! You should really consider expanding your training to other markets to go along with your revered Real Estate sales training programs. I'm not a Realtor, but the skills and techniques that you teach have increased my skills and confidence by an order of magnitude. Thank you and kudos!

Katherine McLaughlin 

Yes to more NLP Tom. Loving what you're all about.

Lee Cuellar 


AHU Kocaballi 

Hey Tom,

Love this Episode!!

Just came from my first Sales Edge and this episode just made the cherry on the top.

I am so fired up and can't wait to share with you my success story at the Summit

Thank you so much for your support and would love to see more NLP episodes please

Kristin Lanham 


Jeffrey Bochner 

wow..VAK, criteria, embedded commands, convincer strategies, and anchors all in a 10 minute video? Jedi Master! who'd you study NLP with?

brent dedios 


Warriors of Success 

Nice! Just found your channel. You are such a good communicator man! Thanks for the info too!

Shantiya Hughes 

hey Tom! I've met with a few homeowners recently that are adamant that they are not selling their home but they are just "curious" about their home value. Can you do an episode on how to address these people and what to say before, after & on your home evaluation meeting?

I Logistics 

Great presentation, great topic, Excellent points.

Crystal McKenna 

I'm new agent and going door knocking to help get my name out. how can I apply this?

Eduardo Artica 

Yes! Embedded commands, more please! Thank you Tom!

Dawn Iiames 

Absolutely love this!! I will watch this one over and over.

Kenneth Manesse 

Hey Tom, the new video style/look is really a great. Let the team know that they are hitting it out of the park, and of course you are bringing the content that is AWESOME.

Siyamak Sasani 

On the money, Master!

Modtrice Ford 

Love, Love,Love!

The Aaron Advantage 

Solid! Appreciate the tips!

Justin Dolinger 

Good stuff Tom, thanks!

Jeremy Cady 

Love the new video format! good content here. Thanks for being awesome.

Patryk Grazda 

Master Joda!!

Sadiq Mohammad 

Amazing video to lift the spirits..getting goosebumps after assuming yes for all the leads 😊

Scott Kompa 

Let's stop all of this nonsense about nlp as we dont need it. Just tell us to call our past clients and do pop-bys.

Tommy Uribe 

Awesome way to start our #SalesEdge Del Mar 2017.

Brett Schlieker 

NLP videos would be the bomb!

Robert Garcia Realtor 

love it

sabina sayegh 

NLP language nugget videos...yes more, never enough.You ROCK.

Michael Williams 

Wow, stepped up your game on this one Ferry, WELL DONE!

Paul Reddam 

Nice video coach - Are you going to be in Austin April 20th? You and Bill Pipes are def worth blocking the time. Can you or one of your peeps let me know?


so simple, so good :)