Batman: Arkham City - All Riddler Hostage Rescues



derp Gamer 

I glitched the game i canf facking pas the third one from the solver thing

justin poulson 

riddler himself is the cheater

TSM identacle 

I mainly just used the linenauncher. Lol

TSM identacle 

I mainly just used the linenauncher. Lol

Rose Thomas 

Does it's have to be trophies riddles or both

Hellqueen Demo 

why do u need riddler trophys to contuie to do the ignima machine

muy thai 

i hate riddler shit in all the batman games stupid ass side quests

See yah in april 

Are internet sucks

E money 

Riddler stopped when I was so close two stopping him like he just quit giving me riddles and everything what should I do now?


I can't get past the second hostage mission I have to enter 6 2 5 925 or some shit and I doesn't work I've seen other people do it by going to something that's kinda close and it just works what the flying fucking bat testicles do I do


omg I'm literally crying because I thought mine glitched out on the second one so I wasn't able to get the second hostage but it's actually because of don't have enough riddler trophies.......I need a minute to fucking cry because I thought I had to restart the whole fucking game all over again😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

Major SRB 

How you record?

Joseph Williams 

yo do u have to collect all the riddler trophies

Joseph Williams 

When I tried it won't let ,etc do it I'm playing ON PS3

Phil Argott 

how did you not know it was secret

The Crazy Green Sheep 

mine says "too soon dark night on the 625 frequency and i have done the hostage thing

Juan Negrette 

need help using the zip line to save the hostage hanging in the other room the problem I s o use the zip line after I cross then I cant get the zip line to go the other direction yo save the hostage

Omar Jobarteh 

31:28 the song scared my cousin

Seandaryl Tacata 

Why I can't go inside on hostage 3and 4

Ileana Rivera 

thanks for helping

Rodney Baboolal 

I went up to 52 in free flow


07:00 O come on really? been walking around that spot like crazy, trying to scan the question-mark to see if that would do something, looking for a sewer or door, how were we supposed to figure out the game actually allows us to break that wall?

Chase Burnett 


Aidan Sheehan 

at 10:16 I hav to find more evidence whereas u just got straight to the riddle

Nieznany Nieznajomy 

I just run and ridller say You cheating XD

Adam Akers 

It helped me lots thanks ma

Geo Juarez 


What do I do to find the riddler

syed adil 

My riddle didn't Came up at 13:15..

Can anyone tell me what should I do....

Guacamole Incorporated 

Man I wish I could still play this game I played so much it cracked and got all scratched up. All I have is but memories of this great game. Oh how I miss it so!

Harley Ryder 

He sounds alot like Jim Carrey's Riddler, doesn't he?

Malhar Carvalho 

thanks man :D

Spencer Wulf 

Cool UltraBall man...

Malhar Carvalho 

I'm First !!!!!