Bank Reconciliations and Journalizing


If you're a Filipino and find accounting difficult, I feel you, bro.

The vid was sooooo helpful. I don't know if this is a thing, but accountancy teachers in my school SELDOM teach. It's all activities and quizzes, then *bam!* Goodbye, grades.

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I wonder why she didn't make more videos.


Can we please have more videos of her?

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Ahh you are the best.... I've tried a lot of vidoes ,they can't explain!!😏

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dear madam, can you explain for me NFS ck: Jack charge $(175)



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Simple and straightforward, thank you.

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Thanks a lot for this video, it explains really clear this topic


test tomorrow. THANKS

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Thank you so much, can you please give me an example of how the questions about bank reconciliation will come up pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is amazing 😉


I wish my accounting teacher could present terms and ideas like you. My teacher will simply start a lecture about how a bank reconciliation is done without any greater context. We just sit in class for 2 hours doing journal entries while everyone is too afraid to ask questions for fear of sounding dumb.

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you are best of accounting teacher

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The beauty of a cash only business (pay cash, receive cash). Whatever is in the Jar, is how much I have.


Great, very well explained.


nice work

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Thank you so much, you did well. I just wish all the accounting professors was good as you!


finally someone who speaks english

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want more videos on ledger, trial balances and financial statements pleaseeee

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where is error case in this problem

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you just add and abstract without explaining why.Poor job

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OMG I got it!!! I love you so much!! Seriously, I struggled with this bank reconcilation thing for like hours yesterday, and there was literally no hope. But then, I found your video today, and tried again my problem, and boom I got it !!!!! SO HAPPY

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College Professors Explanations < YouTube Explanations

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Please do more videos! !Hands down! I have understand more out of watching you then I ever did in my accounting class! May we please have professor like her in college !!GEEZ!

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very clear and concise. Thank you!

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I just love the way she explained everythings step by step. I wish my professor was like that.

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Fantastic tutorial. Clear, easy, and straight to the point. I am slowly understanding the fundamentals of accounting!

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great tutorial! She is so pretty ^_^

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Great tutorial!

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Why can't my professor explain things this easy?...smh...Thanks!!!

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Is the Bank reconciliation made by us or by banks? Can u explain more about what we minus and add as I know but i dont understand it deeply. Thank you so much for answering!

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Thank you~~An excellent tutorial. BTW, you look like Keira Knightley in her forties, LOL