Bad Driving UK Compilation 176


Welcome to the 176th Bad Driving UK Compilation!

Lots of reckless driving, road rage, close overtakes, near misses, confusion and accidents.

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Dave Robinson 

Brian J....just out for dashcam footage?! You’re supposed to move over to the empty lane you bell end!!

Anya Claridge 

I quite like these clips but every now and then they a re so wrong. The cyclist w a s not filtering he was overtaking so wrong he could not of seen what was actuualy going on totally the bikes fault

Thorfrun Skullsplitter 

The cyclist was not filtering. She was on the wrong side of the road. Cyclist fault

Nic Murray 

Too many of these clips show up the owners of the cameras, merging on motorways, slow down or move over, you should not be forcing cars to stop on slip roads.

That said it always seems like drivers of BMW's, VW's or MINI's are the lunatic under/over takers.

george lee 

Brian j there was no one behind you just pull over. Saves a lot of stress and agro

Ken Roberts 

Lets face it, people are just dickheads nowadays. Why are we constantly 'shocked and surprised' by some of the stuff on display. Happens all the time and seems to be the norm. Hopefully the dickheads will take themselves out, however, no doubt some other poor sod will be a victim too.

K Graham 

Clearly the incident with the tesco lorry and car driver started way before the clip that has been sent in.the lorry driver is deliberately blocking the car driver and must have a reason for it

David Windebank 

Having just moved to Queensland from the UK, I had to get used to the fact that undertaking is legal here. You know what? It works.

Mr Bridger 

Reality TV has made a lot of worthless talentless CUNTS think they are important

Mr Bridger 

It's why the word CUNT was invented

Ahhhhhhhh look at this silly.................


I've been driving 13 years, driven about 400,000 miles and the only time I recall being involved in any drama on the roads (similar to that seen in these videos) was in my first 2 or 3 years of driving. During that period, I naturally adopted defensive driving, reeled in my testosterone and since then, I've honestly never been surprised by somebody's actions on the road. Any evasive manoeuvres are done with maximum utilisation of the time and distance available, resulting in no drama, even when people pull stupid moves. Hotheadedness can be expected by new and recent (3 years or so) passes, but beyond that, there really is no excuse to not have adapted your driving to make every journey as uneventful as it can be. Regardless of primary fault, it takes two (or more) people to cause a crash, and in 90% of the clips in these videos, the dashcammer only has themselves to blame for the sudden rise in blood pressure.

Oliver Lawrence 

Does anyone happen to know the track at 5:10? Would hugely appreciate

Stew Walk 

8:52 Tesco - Ayr Scotland

shaun cross 

Why is that last video in every single one of these dashcam videos😒😒😒


Brian J, Prize prick to you no cars in the other lane you could of easy moved over in plenty of time to let van out,But for the youtube hit you beeped and sent it in Top Bloke.

Joshua Campbell 

06:55 And that is why you never ride on the wrong side of the road, filtering or not

James Heath 



5:08 Uhm... is the car that's in the way doing the honking????

Ovidiu Ciuparu 

Probably the country... with the worst roads in the world...


im surprised how many macho men are listening to Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea, Dua Lipa etc... Hahhaha.

Charl McDade 

another bunch of knobheads who upload these dashcam turns people in to right tossers


The roundabout at 8:15 is notorious for drivers getting in the wrong lane (or thinking they are in the wrong lane even when they aren't). The signs are really confusing, and don't make it clear that you can use either lane for Hull, although it narrows back down to one lane shortly after the exit ... it's common for drivers to be confused by the sign at this point and _think_ they need to get in the left lane when they could use either.


Oh nice to see Naqueeeb still drives around all day looking for videos with his asbo mates trying to get involved

K politis 

1:10 song


London witness proving what a Dickhead he is.. No suprises


I love the cyclist one, this is why you never assume, yes you should never assume a cyclist won’t be on the wrong side of the road when it’s not clear to overtake but this they don’t have to follow any rules they don’t give a sh*t

ben williams 

6:50 bikers fault

James French 

What a worthless bit of cat excrement under my shoe that last one was. Saved by the camera.


8:08 is my mates grandma driving!!!!! ha!


Twat of the week Graham M, closely followed by Blah B for his fucking stupid comments.

Covert Person 

9:06 is that Lexus retarded? he is fully at fault here, haha karma mercedes driver 12:49

Tim Box 

The British are very verbal when it comes to saying what they think of the other drivers


I see stupid driving everytime I use the roads, too few traffic cops so people know they can do as they please.


10:48 This dickhead with the dashcam had two options. Slow down to let the van merge. Move into the right hand lane (which there's nothing behind him in) and let the van merge.

What a twat.


Some really great van drivers about. I felt proud of them all keeping up the great standard we keep to. When I start my day my only aim is to get as many car drivers to swear at me or beep the horns. To all the van drivers on the roads keep up the shit driving and piss off all the car drivers.

Danny Wall 

That must of been some urgent parcel to deliver by UPS

Jason Riddy 

10:51 give way to the left

justastudent of the world 

I don't understand the zig zag lines on the road surface.

Tom Toms 

12:14 clip has appeared on 3 seperate channels now. Did he ever catch him up?


So many tossers, I think the next Olympics will bring in the gold medals like never before!


Last clip could have been a stolen car which would have meant you'd get nowt out of the insurance company.


Aye A720. Hardly any cops in Edinburgh so pretty much everyone drives like they haven't had a licence!


Jesus Christ, how fast do you think we can read?


So who are we voting knob of the week then?


Some clueless pricks ey?

Tom Walker-Smith 

Guys when you submit the clips remember you have to shout fuck, honk and accelerate towards them. Just doing one or two isn't enough.


Great video mate. Thanks for including my clip :)

David Robert 

Why don’t these drivers just slow down or move over to let cars out of slip roads. Have a bit of patience and calm down you’ll live longer


8:28 Another tool that thinks it OK to go anticlockwise at roundabouts. And I mean the white (?) Kia driver.

burnley fc near head on collision