10 Baby Products I Regret Buying! 👶🏼😩 DON'T BUY THESE!


Hi, my name is Brianna and this is a video about 10 baby products I regret buying! If you liked this, check out my last video about my newborn must haves! Please give it a like, subscribe to my channel and share this with anyone you think would like it! As always, tell me what you think and what you want to see next. Thank for watching!


Products Mentioned:

-Carter's Baby Girls Burp Cloths 126g291, Assorted, One Size https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DW1SNRU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_gGxAzbQ4XB127

-WubbaNub Yellow Duck Pacifier https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001F43JTO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_TGxAzbX83AK1D

-Carter's Unisex Baby Mittens (Baby) - Pink/Grey Polka Dots- 0-3M https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MPY669Y/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_cKxAzbWQEAHGB

-Changing Pad- https://m.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12763972&gclid=CjwKEAjw16HLBRDF9L2UmOCH7U8SJAASVESorMLQcs0ET5_Xh1d2Is8ssPCe27K8jFkNK9Gyj7j3AxoCvCnw_wcB&camp=PLAPPCG-_-PID12528589:BRUS&cagpspn=plab_12528589&eESource=CAPLA_DF:12763972:TRUS

-Changing ...


My favorite thing we have is the Boon Grass for holding parts for drying... You are insane for telling someone not to buy these because it took up to much space for you.. come on..

Tabitha Harbour 

Halfthe stuff I dont have the only thing I did use and do use lot is his changing pad. I was given a crib but havent used it cause I co sleep and easier since I breast feed

Yesenia Calderon 

My baby loves his wubbanub and the burping cloths are a must for me. My baby is 3 months and he is already sleeping in his crib.

Danielle Holton 

Most of these I loved with my first daughter 😂

Amanda Kari Cunningham 

Another thing with the baby mitts u shouldn't cover their hands bc that's how they discover the world. I personally don't cover my babies hands


I never put my kid in the playpen lol i actually found it super useless, my kid slept on his crib until he was 1 and then i got him a twin bed lol

Randy Savage 

You seem very lazy

Sierra S 

So what products do you use??? Mostly all of those products are a must have

Lesly M 

If you dont want it, i could use it im due in January and have nothing but a bassinet i got for free.


Agree with all except the grass drying rack. We've had one for a couple of years and use it a lot. Great thing about it is you can use it for anything that needs drying in that way.

However, yes, everything else you listed was wasted.

Helen Arden 

Research is a wonderful thing.

Titiana 1 

Yep changing table is a waste of space and money. You have your baby with you constantly and usually that means in the entertainment room during the day or your bedroom at night. When the baby poops, who really has time and energy to run upstairs or down a hall to a nursery just to change the nappy? The practical solution is to have a diaper caddy in most rooms and just change the baby right then and there on the couch, floor or bed.

Honey Ko 

Why regret on something you did not actually tried using? You should at least try to use the product to experience if its really worth having it.

Cassie Bradshaw 

I have the same car seat cover

But in a different color. We use it as a blanket if we forget our and need it or in the winter so the cold wind wouldn’t him I’m in the face he would stay warm longer. The really thin one I use for summer just for sunlight when we’re walking in a store and the sun is in his eyes and eyes a asleep or somethinf

Sammy Nalla 

FTM here ... And here is my conundrum crib bumpers being unsafe...

If my baby isn't crawling/scooting yet, then there is no way he can reach the crib bumpers. Because I place him in the middle.

And later on when he is old enough to crawl, it would mean that he has enough head control that he can move it around. So in case he were to crawl to the bumper and (God forbid) fall asleep with his face in the bumper and not get enough air...Wouldn't his natural instinct kick in and have him move around his head and change positions therefore making him safe again?

Ks Y 

Regarding the mesh bumper. I got those same exact ones from my sister in law as a hand me down from her own kid. My kid slept in pack and play until she was like maybe 2 (cant remember exactly when we switched to a crib) so I didnt need to use it for when she was an infant or a baby. Once she did move into an actual crib, I put them on and they were completely fine. Maybe caze she was good, she never played with the straps and they were kinda tucked away anyways and I made sure to tighten them super tight , otherwise the bumper would fall down. It was a lifesaver mainly at night if she lost her pacifier bc without the bumper the pacifier fell through the railing and we had to spend time looking for the goddamn pacifier. I would probably agree with you on no bumpers in a crib for a newborn or an infant. but when they are babies they are fine caze they can always roll over. I didn't use blankets or toys or pillows for a long time for fear of SIDs , even when she was way past it hahahah s

Ks Y 

Lol I use the boon as a dish rack after I was done with bottles. I've had mine for 3 years and should get a fresh one for the new baby ,but I DEFINITELY love it for my dishes and cups and silver wear. I also used the flower additions for drying pacifiers, her little toys and sippy cup tops and even medicine dispensers, so I got alot of use out of it!


I use a regular bumper. We love it

Saira Zeeshan 

I am subscribing ,because you are so beautiful

Jennifer Spaulding 

The grass I used because my son drank milk(formula) a lot so I used it it works really well if they are bottle fed :) thank you mam for you "regrets" I appreciate the time you took to put you're views on things :) just found this channel and ps you would want to use that highchair / cart cover on shopping carts just because you never know if some one was sick or wiped they nasty nose on the cart like picked their nose then put it on the cart .I personally would use the cover but to everyone their own :) I wish you the best have a wonderful day ❤😘

Sky Tube 

My daughter is A carter Baby at firat now shes is a babyrus and Buybuy baby lol we love there food Toys eberything i even got her Bed stuff from Buybuy baby. I did Wanted the little Grass Rack but Cause Babyris was going Away I missed getting it.


Disappointed I this video, I live in Scotland and there were two items on this that I didn’t know and you were too quick and never actually said what the items are for.

Nicole Rodriguez 

Well then the changer is your fault for not using it


To me a crib is a MUST HAVE

Athea + Joshua 

I wish you’d actually used the products and gave a review on poor experience... rather than not using most of the things.

Manda Eddy 

I am FULLY aware that this is probably a stupid question but what the HECK is a prefold?! I have a ton of those Carter’s burp cloths and love them, but my favorite burp cloths of all times are called Burpy bibs- they’re very large and are cut so that they kinda hug your shoulder and stay put and THEN (the best part) is that they have a snap so you can also use them as a nice big big for older babies! ❤️

Andrea Watson 

If you don't breastfeed, the boon grass drying rack is awesome. I ALWAYS use my changing pad, crib and carseat cover. I feel like this is a weird list.


Wub a nub! What a bad idea they are! Not only does the baby just pull it out of her mouth easily like this, it is actually bad for their gums and teeth! It has a weight so it constantly pulls on the pacifier and therefore on the gums and teeth. Complete waste of money. Just get a normal pacifier and a plush toy. Easier to clean anyway.

MorningStar Kematch 

I saw the Boon grass and Boon drying tree and the Boon everything! The 'grass' was a definite passover item for me because of all the nooks and crannies that can hide germs and gunk. I think the only Boon item I liked was the spoon, where you could add pureed food and my little guy loved it. I had so many of them and recommended the Boon spoon to 'more than I can count' moms at my drop in center. Try it if you haven't heard of it. And if $10 is too much for a spoon (with a 'twist on for pureed food' capsule) there is a spoon product that came out in 2013/14 that twists onto pureed food pouches. That type is about $2-3+ for 2 attachable spoons and can be found at Toys 'R Us, London Drugs and really any where they sell baby items.


Yes, don't take their hands away with mits! It takes away that sensory development. Thank you.

Inky X Kitsune 

Those darn mittens never stay on the babies hands anyway lol

Ari M 

Is there anything you don't regret buying?!

Brittney Rae 

I'm where in love but in South Dakota w the horrible non stop wind and snow car seat covers r u must anytime ur out in winter months

Natasha Goddard 

Crib is a lifesaver when they get a little bigger, and most transition to a toddler bed

Shara Nichole 

My baby lovesss his wubbanub. He has the Giraffe. Its so convient. It wont get lost when it falls but, doesnt fall easily 😄

Sheena Ewer 

Please save those items. What didnt work for your first may and will work for your next one. I have 4 kids and each one loved different things. I dont have a ton of money but was thankful that I saved all of the things I received. My 1st and 3rd child loved the bumbo, but my 2nd and 4th hated it. My first 3 children never took a pacifier but now my 4th loves them. My 1st hated and never slept in his crib, but my 2nd and 3rd couldnt sleep anywhere but the crib. Just put them in plastic containers and save for the next one or ones😊


That’s so true this list is pretty much an opinion video because I used bumpers with all my children and I have a happy and healthy 14, 11 and 4 year old my kids were also in there crib from day one however the first 6 months it was in our room then we moved the crib to there room... The mittens I used in the hospital and if it was a little cold outside I would put there hands in it and the wipe warmer I loved also... So you are right women should wait until the child is here to get the extras because if it’s not clothes, pampers and in my case bottles I don’t think it’s necessary right away maybe wait until baby comes to get the changing table, crib, boon rack and all those extra stuff..

Modelos venezuela l 

You can get Baby Stuff Free Welcome Box at https://sites.google.com/view/eshop/baby

jessi kealy 

Wouldn’t buy a crib that’s nuts

tori gann 

The crib I bought that comes with an attached changing table from Walmart for 200 bucks turns into a toddler bed then a full size bed so I think a crib is a good investment all depends on what crib u bought at 6 months I plan on transitioning him to his crib. As for the shopping cart cover great investment I go shopping a lot so I dnt want my son in those Nasty carts without one. I for one am I having a boy and I'm not to sure I'll be changing him on my couch due to boys peeing everywhere lol so the changing table for me personally will be used I'm a first time mommy but I know from having brothers an changing there diapers I got peed on alot😂

Toni Blough 

Sooo glad you talked about how unsafe crib bumpers are. News flash people. Nothing is "breathable"(marketing term and means nothing) when you are entangled and it wraps around your neck, it isn't just the ties that are the strangulation hazard.


So funny how different everyone is!! These were some of my fav products with my daughter! She's 13 month old and we still use the change table and pant every nappy change 😂

jessica lamarre 

Wubbanubs are the best thing ever!! And we just toss them in the laundry to clean them. We have bought so many of them and our daughter loves them!!

The Urban Elf 

Great list!

My swaddle blankets ended up being my burp cloths & car seat cover. Those hand mittens were so small for my baby by the time I thought of them, I just use socks for her hands, they work way better. The boon lawn is definitely great if you bottle feed!

Maria Lazo 

Wubba Nub is great because it’s a lot harder to lose and baby gloves are magic! Maybe you should re name this video to products I didn’t like instead of do not buy these products....

Jeanette Toro 

Definitely keep the crib. You can actually transition it into a toddler bed.

Amy Santos 

Loveeeed the dish rack holds so many bottles,bottle nipples, pacifiers and etc

Emily Jaafar 

There's suppose to be a hole in the tip 😂

Desert Rivers 

your vlog totes started like a info commercial.


Wow I actually used all of these things lol. I don't regret buying or using any of them... and literally I used all!