Azure Active Directory B2B Collaboration: simple, secure external sharing of your Apps and Services


Lead engineer for Microsoft Identity Services Sarat Subramaniam, offers a detailed overview of Azure Active Directory B2B collaboration, now generally available. The Azure AD B2B service simplifies the secure sharing of your Apps and services with your external business partners and colleagues. It allows users to easily share common Apps and services to collaborate with their peers and IT to add and manage these external users without having to add them to the corporate directory or requiring partners to have Azure Active Directory in place. Further, conditional access authorization policies - including Multi-factor authentication enabled by Azure Active Directory keep data safe. Learn more at:

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Thus was a really great video thank you it answered the question I had on how the B2B functionality worked and what it could do.  Side note, fantastic desk there in your studio!  I've been eyeing that same one for a while.


Sign in process looks a bit clunky for external user invitation process. Instead of welcoming the user to login with an existing Microsoft account or checking before hand you made it seem as if it it ran into an error on finding the account. It should be way more clear that a new account needs to be made using the e-mail address that was invited.