Automated and Manual Testing with Azure Test Plan


Azure DevOps Test Plan provides all the tools you need to successfully test your applications. Create and run manual test plans, generate automated tests and collect feedback from users. In this video we will show you the basic aspects on how to get started with Azure Test Plan, so you can start testing your application today.

Speaker: Donovan Brown

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Good Things 

Nothing about Automation ...

munna munna 

how to configure selenium scripts in pipeline as continuous integration to run automated builds ?? Please share something on this.

dhana kittu 

In the video you mentioned how to create the Requirement based test suite and if you select the requirement its corresponding tests will automatically added into the requirement test suite but what is the association i need to configure between the requirement and test case. Can you please elaborate more on how to create the requirement in Azure DevOps and how the test cases need to associate with requirements.


Please remove the word automated from this title. This only demonstrates manual testing.

Ramya Nair 

There is nothing about automation testing in this video. Can u post video for the same ?

Santy Bevilacqua 

Hi I'm new in DevOps. I have a question, when you have many projects and you want to see the progress of all, where configuring or where i can see this information?


you don't execute automated tests in the video

Leandro Lara Tiago 

hi, in my devops there is not a option for configurations inside tests plans. how do I make it visible? thanks

Chris Ladewig 

Great walk-thru on manually testing. I didn't see any material around automated testing in this video though. The title is a bit misleading.


i see Welcome to Test Hub page after clicking on Test from the landing page.

Olle Hellman 

Great walkthrough. Why no manual testing in the release pipeline? As a manual step?