AutoCAD 2018 3D Tutorial for Beginners


AutoCAD 2018 3D Tutorial for Beginners. This tutorial shows step by step, how to create 3D object in AutoCAD 2018 from scratch. AutoCAD commands used in this tutorial are circle, line, tangent line, presspull, change ucs plane, move, offset, presspull cut. Topics covered in this tutorial are:

AutoCAD 2018 3D tutorial

AutoCAD 2018 3D drawing

AutoCAD 2018 3D modeling workspace

AutoCAD 2018 3D modeling tutorial

AutoCAD 2018 3D modelling

AutoCAD 2018 3D commands

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knight of cydonia 

This is an awesome tutorial.

Dragan Beljan 

Autocad 3D, now I see, it just no sense to use. Moment when you need use external calculator is so wrong and so unnecessary.

Viva la parametric modelling.

satyajit senapati 

If I go to setting icon but not showing there 3d option. Can u tell me what problem

Ramesh LD 

how to convert igs file to stl ?

i have problem (Surface & Wire)


HELP! the 3d modeling option isn't there for me! can someone help me out please!!


You're wrong. The circle and the slope are out of step.The example you have is a contradiction in itself.


Bhai which command you are using presful?? Please any one tell me


doesn't make sense


bro, this model is fucked up, that rib isnt model in right way.

Henry Sanchez 

So far so good..... will practice this teaching and looking forward to next lesson.... and i wont be late to class, LOL :-)

Vijaya Kumar 

very nice sir thank you


I have the student version 2018 but I have a problem I don't have the 3D tools

prabakaran mech 

Bro which laptop best for AutoCAD. Using under Rs30000

Moumita Das 

You are very good teacher

Moumita Das 

Thanx sir👌👍

Raksha Khanal 

Sir in my autocad when I used copy ,offset etc then during the selection only a point is appear and I unable to select any object.

How can I do plz help me sirrr?

In comand it say select an object

But only point is appear in place of crosshair ?? How to change this ??

Ronald Smith 

I am working on the same part and in the in the part of the part with the 12 units between the 24 Dia and the 36 Dia is the small gap. How do you fill the gap, so far I cannot fill the using presspull or extrude or anything else. HOW???????

Babloo Kerketta 

Sir mujhe delcam me prblm hai ..jab bhi mai NC. Generate kr raha hu toh Z hamesa positive a rahi hai depth show he nahi kr raha hai

Shishobha Sharma 

You are very good, thanks :) I made a simple design of a die an mold by learning from your videos for my paper publication


Thank you very much. I have learnt alot form your video

Rud Dog 

Ah, snap! Don't have Autocad.

Gowtham Pavanaskar 

Very Helpful. Thank you 😊🙏