Auditorium HD Trailer


Auditorium HD isn't your normal music PS3 Move game. Wait, is there a normal version of that? Check out this trailer for the new PlayStation rhythm game.

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Alexander Pesina 

VSauce FTW!!


A good friend gave me this game as a gift through " STEAM " , i don't know how much it cost him in money but i cannot payback in any way i can think!!!

Truly awesome game .

Juan Carlos Dvorak 

@noja877 this just came out to pc and I wasn´t sure about it but you convince me... I will try it. Hope to live to its expectations. :D

robin pettersson 

Skriv kommentaSkriv kommentar..Varning läs inte detta!!!!!!!!!!! år 1845 dog en flicka som hette yaruru som blev kniv skuren. OM DU LÄSER DET HÄR KOMMER HON HEM TILL DIG OCH DÖDAR DIG OM DU INTE SKRIVER DETTA PÅ 3 ANDRA VIDEORr..


The game is very challenging, fun and I love the soundtrack,but this video made it look whack!


@soberson08 wtf i just noticed i was missing a word, just pretend i said this " I do not think that is gameplay, young sir."


@hvglaser yupp, your right, i played it somewhere on kongregates. But i didnt like it that much...


This game is actually pretty good. You can buy it on iPod.


This used to be a flash game. i can't find it, but i'm sure you can play it for free somewhere online.


Who else does listen music on his ps3 or xbox(is that possible?) while hes playing his great games?


@JoshWyatt what?!iphone?!i changed my opinion: ILL NEVER BUY THIS!

(hardcore apple-hater)


i loved it on iPhone & in the HD gonna be sweeeeeet!!!

WheyLand Fitness 

i dont get it

i like the colours but i dont get what u gotta do

ill stick to flow


Stupid, the gameplay is in the trailer,

Max the Enforcer 

I kinda get the idea, aiming streams of music to their destination


I need to find another trailer.... Well I don't know maybe to UNDERSTAND THE GAME?!


When ever a trailer puts critic comments on it, it just looks desperate.


Hey kids. This Game is awesome. See ya in Ikea


@GripstateReloaded stfu xshit fan.


@joshioaz85 im "afraid" that was the gameplay

Multiversable Woop 

What is this game all about? I only see three colours with no explanation? Is it something like paint?


The gameplay is so "out there" that our feeble minds can't comprehend it

US War Machine 

OH. now i get it?


lol its an old iphone game

Justin Thompson 

wow this looks great i love the music for the first one and this just looks better!


soooo where the gameplay ? what is this game about? anything ?


@MidgetHeavy What exactly do you expect me to get out of this sentence, if anything?

TJ Panther 

I play black ops so this looks stupid because i can't run around like a little kid and shoot people

Marcuz Dizelist 

@joshioaz85 You're seeing it :D


I have this game, it's so amazing!

And that is gameplay.

But god do the later levels get hard!


@soberson08 I dont thats gameplay young sir


I don't understand...


I don't get this


@joshioaz85 Umm what? The gameplay starts at 00:38... Did you even watch the whole video before commenting?


ehh? -_-


all i see it the TILT TO LIVE guy/thing on the screen


this is on ipod touch/iphone :S


that was the gameplay o_O !?!?



Im just saying my opinion and this looks like it makes no sense as Sony always does.


LOL, Zoo made a good game. That made my joke of the day.


who's lethal bunny?




Alex Marquettiukn. 

When I think auditorium I think detention, When I think HD I think TV, and when I think good food I'm thinking Arby's...


"Everyone Type "Won" Before"

jean schwengle 

That was the gameplay. The goal of the game is to direct the light beams you see on the screen to the corresponding colored buckets. You use the spheres to diverge the light by moving them and changing their size. All the while beautiful immersive music plays in the background. It's actually a really fun puzzle game and I would definitely buy it.


more retarded shit for playstationers to fuck with


What the hell is PS3 doing? This did not show anything, anyways why the fuck is PS3 still trying to compete with Kinect.. I really don't understand you Sony. Keep making what you do best, TVs, wait sorry LG and Samsung does better. Just go in debt make the world beter.


@Mrmtjones a trailer isnt supposed to tell u wat its about, its supposed to somehow get u to watch it and perhaps get interested


@andeath445 where r u supposed to see gameplay? not on this video... so i think you should keep your comments to urself :)