Attribution Management Buyers Guide: Part 4 Banner and Display Advertising


Most companies have been determining if banner advertising is effective by measuring it the same way they do their pay per click ads, meaning they look at the number of times the banner gets clicked compared to its conversions to its cost. When evaluated under this method, banner advertising rarely looks as if it is performing well enough to continue to invest ad dollars towards. However, there is a hidden value in banners that can only be discovered through proper attribution.

The real value of the banners is their impressions, which help to build brand awareness and to introduce people to your product and services. Its after being exposed to banners that consumers want to learn more about your business. Typically, after banner exposure, the next activity is to do either a natural search or click on a PPC ad so the user can get to your site, rather than clicking on the banner itself.

If youre valuing banners the same way you do paid search ads, you will never see the influence that ...

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