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Hey guys! ~~~~


I made a new video! It's called "you want my sister" if you want to watch it click here ------->


Maria Saldana 

My favorite part was the end it was funny!!!

ailen sugaide 

Dice que es gacheverse cundo es gacha ligero🙄

Gavin Crecelius 

did this actually happen to you

Kawaii Rxna 

Why you have to look different?

Andrew D Town Papa Arnold 

The final credits XD just killed me

Eliany milagro tercero contreras 

Que bonito este video es un castigo verdiad

Waleska Rodrigues Pinto 

ai que lindo espero que nunca para de fazer coisas são lindas como essa você tem muito talento então continue você sempre vai alcançar os seus objetivos 😍♥️

Nanae Ito 

Unique from others

hi hi hi hello hello hello 

What the hell are you doing in outro😅😅😅


2:45 wtf


Bluey at the end you don’t seem so blue. Emo moment.

zoebear hi 

At the end her charter was twerking

Kirst TV 

How do gacha tubers make a Gacha music video?

Jamie Östreich 

Bens your Not coming Home with me Tonight his face was like got ya

Dung Nguyen 

Good Good bluey pie

jose Garcia 

whenever it said "that dress is karma" my brother got karma from something and fell on the floor............ITS REAL .-. ;-;

Nerina Caceres 


Mяŧŋąя RM 

Green as grass, it was funny, but really enjoyed it!

Umme Adiba 

I love the dance because it’s so funny 😆

Anna lynn Estaniel 

ooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmhggggggggggg this is a drama I like this oooooooooo

azzahra official 

I like you vidio

Lisa Lor 

Xian’s is a gold digger

To Ben

Francisco Lara 


Arnold Gerstein 

Whoa and wow

retno vanessa 


Tyresa Gibson 

I loved the end

•Anais Becerra• 

Jddjdejfjfjdjd i love!❤

ace gaming 

2:44 lol

Ting Jin 

my ship :3

Dark Foxy 

Torta azul

Laura Placew 


Erika Bravo 

Blueypie blueypie bluepie

Erika Bravo 


Jay Cadiao 


Yaya Curtis 

The end tho

hola yo soy penelope diganme penelope 

AHAJAHAHAHAAAHHAAHAHHAHAHA like si tuviste mi reacion cv

gatitaReb pv 

So cute 😄😄😄


i wouldnt get cheated on because i can tell when someone is lying XD

A Bean 

Why is Ben the only one that isn't as pale as my happiness..... Just kidding! I don't have any....

Jaelynn Dukes 

2:49 made me laugh so hard I think I died

B D S C - dale 

Wut ben my name is ben •_•

Siew Ying Hiew 

So sad 😭😭😭

Kingdom cloak 

I hate red hair kid and pink girl they are both dumb

Kingdom cloak 

I hate your vids third dumb

Kingdom cloak 

Ok that was dumb that girl you love has a boyfriend this was dumb

Krystal Groves 

The end when it said thanks for watching


2:44 LOL

xXKandehxX kabia 


Jasper Saw 

but that ending screen though