Are You Sure Your Bike is Safe?


No need to worry about the safety of your two wheeler or motorcycle at a parking lot while you are away working, watching a movie or even shopping at a mall. We have got you covered! ICICI Lombard’s 3 year long term two wheeler/bike insurance policy helps you protect your two wheeler/motorbike/scooter against any accidental loss, damages caused by unexpected human behaviour or by any natural calamity. Ensure that you have ICICI Lombard’s Two Wheeler policy with you which also provides cashless servicing facilities at 5,500+ network of garages across India.

For any assistance or enquiry call on our toll free No. 1800 2666

Get more details about our two wheeler insurance online at

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Syed Zahid Ali 

Worst service.. worst insurence company.. plz everyone try anyone else..

Zark Dx 

Whoever came from the John Cena meme... my man👊😂


1:22 i am quite shure that is the guy who stole a scooter/motorcycle in a video i have seen on youtube

nadeem khan 

bhen@£%& kitni ghatiya acting😂😂😂😂

Adyl k 

Scripted! Clearly they are acting

Hitesh Sharma 

Great concept, finally insurance company taking the creative route..lovely video

Harsha Mv 


Akash Sambare 

i have ICIC lombard Insurance, I had Bad Accident on 3rd Sept 2016, And Still I didnt get any claim, my Number is 9773788366 .

Varsh Mithrh 

wow.. not fake at all... *sarcasm*

Roslyn Dsouza 

Stop trying to make the Viviana Mall Parking lot look unsafe!

Abhishek Roy 

You cannot make an ad any worse.


Experience MMA kick boxing for free... All you have to do is just touch my bike and let me catch you red handed. :)

Abhijeet Madge 

should I throw a slipper ?

Motorcycle Monk 

this is Viviana Mall parking lot and I'm never going to visit there again with my Bike. Because you don't effin touch my bike unless I say.

Ash_da Infotainer 

everyone already has two wheeler insurance. Its a RULE. lol

Kuldeep Verma 

LOL , I am sure no one is going to buy ICICI lombard insurance now.

Amit Jadhav 

Prank or ad?

Amit Jadhav 

Prank or ad?