Arcade Gambling ** Queen of Egypt BIG BONUS? **


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This was a gambling session in a seaside arcade. I started off on the classic Barcrest slot The Price is Right, followed by a couple of £100 jackpot community slots; Genie Jackpots and King Kong Cash. The next gambling terminal was a new one from Novomatic, a strange sit-down slot with multiple screens. The first game on this was Sizzling Hot Golden Keys, followed by the Eye of Horus clone Queen of Egypt.

I finished off on Rainbow Riches Free Spins in a different arcade.

Channel:  Stop and Step
George Goodwin 

Don’t understand community bonus. Person next to you possibly receive less/more for putting in less/more???

Steve Johnson 

You should of played machine beside you that sounded like some good payouts

Levi Lewis 

Loving the videos pal 👍


Play black jack poker bonus in William hills

dave shocky 

At 49.40 Trono will be loving you for playing this game, I'll message him now to tell him :)

dave shocky 

Darren loves a bit of reset 5 star roulette 😉😉


This machine is racist it hates blacks I nearly wet myself laughing 😂

Shout out please been watching through you videos for about 6 months hell of a back catalogue


I played this machine on Friday on the way home at a Motorway services. hIt the Jackpot after 40 pounds in with over seven free spins still to go with the top symbol, a single spin gave over £200 on its own. Great, feeling on top of the world,,, Put the whole lot back again by Sunday evening. Idiot no 1. I hadn't played them for over a month, and I have spent the whole day rationalising that I "never really lost anything", but I know i'm fooling myself. Maybe it needed to happen so I can completely avoid them now.


Bonus @ 35:39

Rob Green 

Shocking get back on the fobts Dazza

James Collins 

That roulette looks like a dire game

James Collins 

The lads : anyone up for a session tonight?

Stop and step : yeah sure what you thinking arcade, bookies or online?

West Brom 

Can you big me up bro


09:29 - Blatently been used for a sniffer lol

Andy Smyth 

Is it me or is the font the same as GTA?

stuart weatherall 


Michael Hinde 

Gutted... can't believe QoE didn't finish the job and allow Jackpot Turtle to fly across the screen :(

Alex Barnes 

Great video mate :) shoutout please Alex b

Andy Jewkes 

Great video as always.. 👍 keep up the good work.. any chance of a shout out...


Darren mate surely you know Egypt & Horus never do two blacks in a row always alternate after black win!!

James Varley 

Great vid keep em coming lol do some roulette any game with 7pound plus on 11 it’s my fav number aswell my daughters date of birth is 11.11.2011 lol

Just Johnson 

Got a bit greedy but a nice save towards the end, good video!

Take 1 Take 2 

How about an online casino session?

Darrell Burnett 

Deal or no Deal roulette please me old china!!

Mark Platt 

Roulette game was 💩💩and more 💩

Marty Arty 

The Elvis machine was all shook up. 😝


nice video but those games were boring

Ionut Omar 

A zis Raluca din tm : oooooo god

donna taylor 

That slot just ate ur money


They might as well call it eye of horus 2.

Steve Nell 

Paul nokes eye of HORUS not hours

Mathew Lloyd-Jones 

Try some new slots bored of your normal slots there are hundreds to try out, plus a 20p roulette session is due. Keep up the vids

Step and stop 


Racheal Parkinson 

Thanks for sharing your video. i always look forward to watching your videos, it was nice to watch a longer one,good luck on your next video.


COMPENSATED !!! jesus christ stop and step, how long have you been playing these ??? barcrest are random compensated! if you win a big one your F**** there after. you might hit a decent win after, but it will claw every penny back. come on, i love your vids but jezzzz. Astra stuff is random random, but after every permutation it will be bang on %. Barcrest is more volatile but will still hit its percentage what ever you think. Roulette is pure random simply because its not in your favor from the off. super streak however nice it looks is even worse on the %. you've been playing for years m8. its pure luck on a roulette b2, but advantages like full pots or knowing the history on a b3 is a must.


pots quite high? it takes £12,500 in spins to get the gold to £500....

Hell Yeah 

one hell of a video dat la 👍


if you check under the wheel when it spins 0 awards extra but only if you bet on it in the bonus lol good work on the queen.

Carlo19 Edwards 

Good video pal 👍🏻🤩😁😁

ODDBOY Danger Wank 

Just a question that looks like an arcade in Leeds am i close to location ?😊

okay day 

Hi could you play the Centurion on high stakes feature spin

Handheld Games 

Can you play rainbow riches drops of gold? I've only seen it in Mecca so far but will probably soon be in bookies.


Nice vid Mr Stop&Step good to mix it up a bit. Strangely I'm not kean on those VIP machines with the low comfy seats I don't know why.


Nice to see you to see you nice lol

Arcade Slots Player 

Do you not play the Barcrest communities? So much better gameplay than the Blueprints.


Where is that place ??


£1 red chips on 5p betfred roulette please. Im gonna have to stop saying please as its not working!

Hayden Noble 

Where this shout-out we’ve all been getting??.

sam mcallister 

can I have a shoutout mr stop and step, and a horaaaaa!!! For Iceland to win the world Cup 200/1 👏👏👏😆

Lukee Harris 

Worms £2 play please