AR-10 308 Upgrade Project


Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The AR-10 Upgrade Project. We're taking the Windham Weaponry SRC

308 Carbine and upgrading it to a SPR (Special Purpose Rifle). This video

demonstrates installing a Odin Works K-Mod Free Float Key-Mod

Handguard, Syrac Ordnance Adj Gas Block and BCM 7.62 Compensator.

Windham Weaponry

Brownells Gunsmithing Tools

Bravo Company USA


Elftmann Tactical Triggers

Syrac Ordnanace

Harris Bipods

AR-10 Parts:

Odin Works K-Mod Free Float Key-Mod Handguard

Odin Works Low Profile Bi-Pod mount

Harris Bi-Pod Model BRM

Syrac Ordnance Adj Gas Block

BCM 7.62 Compensator

BCM 7.62 Gunfighter Charging Handle

BCM Mod 2 Grip

Elftmann AR-10 Trigger

Magpul MOE SL Stock

Magpul 7.62 Magazines

Magpul MBUS Pro Sights

Trijicon Acog

PSA Mil-Spec Buffer Tube

AeroShell 33 Lithium Moly Grease:

Tools: Brownells

Magwell Block

Upper Receiver Block

Wheeler Bench Block

Torque Wrench


Roll Pin Punch set


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I love Sootch also and I’ve watched almost all of his gun review videos and about half of his prepper videos and I don’t think he reviews things he doesn’t like. And if he likes it he reviews it and if he reviews it.. it’s good buy it. Wasup Sootch!


in shtf that silly aluminum handguard would last 2 days b4 bending and failing gotta love these ar consumer junkies like women with shoes


He forgot the handguard cap gap and instead of using a box wrench he marred the crush washer. Better to wait and do it right.

Robert Cowan 


Matthew Schoppert 

@sootch00 I just came on here to see if its possible to take this cheap ass plastic hand guard off of my DPMS Sportical (.308) and replace it with a hand guard that has a rail system....but without having to take off the gas blocker. Seems like a pain in the ass just to be able to mount a bi-pod and a flashlight.


What happened to the rest of the videos for this build? Do you still have the vids with the install of the rest of the upgrade parts?


Great rifle and upgrades but ive learned over the years tgat bcm magpul odin works are all great products but WAAAAY OVER PRICED AND VERY OVER RATED BUT TO EACH ITS OWN

Eric Blackmon 

Awesome video, subscribed

Eric K 

Sootch00 I am leaning heavily towards this rifle because I tend to lean towards barrel profiles like this rifle has,..a med. profile,. Whats your take on this barrel,..its weight ,.. accuracy, rigidity etc,... THANKS,... The PoorManPrepper

Elmer O 

I will definitely follow your videos very good & informative thanks!

Jihadi Justine Turdeau 

XCR-M baby. Could have changed the barrel 20 times, even changed calibers and the latest Gen stays damn near dead zero every time. You really need to check that now near perfect rifle out man.


This video made me cringe. Tightening the barrel nut with an adjustable wrench( I won't use Crescent because that is a brand name) but claiming he torqued it to  55 ft /lbs. Tightening the muzzle device with an ill fitting tool. Your higher end tool brands offer slimline wrenches for this type of problem and I am sure there is a barrel wrench that would fit it correctly. I think Tapco has a stamped steel AR wrench.  Seasoning the threads for the barrel nut by tightening it hand tight three times, all he did was spread the "Mil Spec" throughout the threads. The mismatched front rail has been mentioned previously. A little research and editing would go a long way. If you are going to make a "how to" video, make it correctly with the proper  tools and their use and the correct fitting parts.


I did the same with a M&P .308. Sure it was fun to build up a Rifle. But really, what a waste of time and money. Just go and buy a proper .308.

joe almy 

hey Sootch. love your channel. I'm having trouble finding the mil spec buffer tube kit for this Rifle. You mentioned Palmetto State armory but don't say which one to pick. I got a Magpul Prs Stock for christmas and want to install it on this same rifle. Psa website shows a PA10 buffer tube kit but I understand this Rifle is DPMS style? still confused and any help calirifying which A2 buffer tube kit to buy. Thanks kindly


Great video. Just the info I needed to do my AR10 build.

Ken Gray 

Is it just me or does the handguard not match up with the top of the receiver? The handguard rail looks to be just a hair lower.

Kyle Van D 

How do you know what handguards are compatible with this rifle. Everything I've read says only the Midwest industries handguard will fit..but this proves that to be untrue.


boy you sure beat the gas block up.........................................


@ sootch00 Which Forend Adapter Size did you go with the 2.00" or the 2.06" ?

Timothy Forbes 

Ok, good video BUT....the improper use the word pressure relative to torque is killing me. Torque is measure in Ft-lbs (in this case), in reality there is hundreds of PSI of pressure (the proper way to measure pressure) created between the threads when you Torque something. It likes saying you are going drive 55 degrees an hour (instead of miles per hour) two complete different aspects of physics.

Cole Train 

what is a good price estimate for all of those tools?

Vanilla Gorilla 

sootch that would look great with an a2 stock


This is porn to me. That's right, porn. I love it.

Jeffrey Victor 

Another great video! Thanks for taking the time to demonstrate the techniques involved and the tools required to complete the job!

John McClane 

What did all this cost?


Thumbs way up Sootch! And the bloopers deserve a big "hush my mouth".


You should have gotten the high profile handguard it looks like the upper reciver is high profile?


can you link a page or a item number for the Handgurad please? love all your excellent vids!

Glenn Seaton 

Sootch, I didn't see this in the comments, but do you "dimple" the barrels of your rifles? As always, great vids and I can never wait to see the next one you put out. Thanks for all that you do.

Анатолий Вассерман 

главное ствол

Анатолий Вассерман 



Love your videos, sootch but was disappointed this was not an AR-10. ArmaLite, of course.

Amir Harris 

Great video Sootch as always. I went on Odins website what is meant by Forend adapter size? They have two sizes 2.0 and 2.6

Filipino Bus Enthusiast 

sootchman. can you get the full auto conversion kit for your AR10 & have it permanently converted to Fully Automatic?


Add another Like for listing the parts and links!


Did you consider adding an 18"barrel?

Alex TheGreatest 

I built my own LR308. Love everything about it.

John Doe 

when you ordered the free float rail, what size adapter did you get 2.00 or 2.06? thanks

Gee Eee 

Why buy the whole thing and then replace 80% of the parts... Sort of waste of money.

Josh Taylor 

seriously.....  what a great video!keep up the good work!

Mr Big 

+sootch00  What kind of distance and accuracy are you getting with this rifle?  I also have the SRC308, with the stock 16 1/2" barrel, and was considering getting a longer barrel, but I am not sure if I can justify spending the money if the accuracy is not going to be considerably better.  Would you recommend buying a longer barrel for this gun if I am wanting to get out around 1,000 yards or more?

Collin Shepelwich 

Sootch,does the Odin works keymod not lining up with the upper receiver rail not bother you? As expensive as Odins products are you would think it would be flush and be perfect.Its just a pet peeve of mine.I have a no name keymod 15" on my Ar15 and it doesn't sit flush with the top of the receiver.The UTG Pro super slim is what I'm going to replace it with.Not knocking Odins products at all,just a thought.Love the build,great video."Long live the Republic"


Do you find that this rifle requires more lube on the BCG than a regular AR in 223? Does it run dirtier or about the same? Thanks.

craig palmer 

a pipe over the handle would have been better


Glad I finally watched this, it's been on my playlist for a minute! Couple questions about the handguard. How rigid is it? Can you flex it a lot if you squeeze your hand around the end of it with the muzzle brake? I'm curious because I plan to use it with a leather sling around my arm. And my second question is: Did you look at fore end adapter size? It looks like the fore end sits a bit low on you rifle. The website has 2.00" and 2.06" adapters for receiver variances.

I ask because I've been searching for a while for my Long Range Service Rifle project. I want something solid that won't flex a lot when I use a sling with it.

Thanks Sootch.



Can these mods be done to my DPMS LR308 Oracle? I am most interested in changing the forearm out to one like your video just showed.

Thank You,



sootch00 what size gas block did you use? .750 .936 ?


Always enjoy your videos! Keep up the great work!


Hot dang that looks good!

Derek Straker 

Nice video!