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According to data released by Nielsen recently, half of consumers who recently purchased a smartphone purchased an iphone phone. iphone holds almost 50% of the market share in mobile application and last year more than 5billion applications were installed on the smartphones running on iphone. And with recent releases and updates, this market is only going to increase giving the developers more chances to earn quickly. Design your own iphone application in minutes.

This video helps you learn developing iphone application in 5 minutes. This video demonstrates the use of Appy Pie's iphone App Builder and this tool helps you in designing your favorite application sooner than you expected. For More Information and Updates visit:

The iphone has emerged as the leading OS and in no time it has surpassed many of the well established operating sytems such as Symbian, RIM. The market is increasing for iphone devices and so is for iphone development. Mak...

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