Annoyed in a hotel in Indianapolis (Are Americans unreliable?)


While being stuck in Indy with no internet for the night, I filmed a video where I explained how I had to go through some plans falling through during my winter break that made me question the American hospitality and reliability. Let me know what you think in the comments below and excuse my looks, I filmed this after driving for 4 hours :/

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Sorry to hear about this. I've had people do the same thing to me too. Friends and family. Of course this has nothing to with nationality or culture it just comes down to the individual. Unfortunately it sounds as if you had several unreliable ones that made promises. I think someone mentioned this but always have a backup plan rely on yourself for everything. Especially if you are traveling. Some may be able to lend a hand and some may not. And others will tell you what you want to hear but make excuses later. Think of it as a learning experience. Never assume that people will be able to be there for you. They might say yeah come on down but that might just be them being nice. Not a literal thing.

Fake Name 

We have a term for unreliable people here they are called "flakes". Which means a person that bails out on plans usually at the last minute or without saying anything. Example: We were supposed to go to the ballgame but Jeff flaked on us. As sad as it sounds its fairly common for even siblings to do this in America. I think it's just because we are a very moody people and if we don't feel like doing something on a given day we won't do it.

Not everyone will be flakes but enough that if you plan to live here you should probably get used to it and plan accordingly with friends that aren't flakes.


In America there is a lot of superficial hospitality.  If an American says they would let you stay in their house for a week they are most likely lending you superficial hospitality for the sake of sounding nice.  You shouldn't take us literally when we say stuff like that.

James Brust 

Your awesome. keep on keeping on!

evan barnett 

You need to:

1. Get a car.

2. If you can't afford a car then you need to put out. If you put out a lot then guys would be willing to do most anything for you. Pretty girls that have no money but need a lot of favors tend to go this route. Then everything will go wonderfully for everyone. Gotta give a little to get a little. All I'm saying.

Scott Currier 

Nice to see you back in the US, I hope you enjoy your time here. Sorry to hear about your experience. Take care.

Luke Helfinstine 

Indianapolis?? That's where I'm from! Welcome to the cross roads of America.

Don't judge the Midwest by Indiana. This place sucks lol. The old generation is great, but people out age are just total shit heads especially those in Indy. Sorry for your luck. :(

Next time you're in Indy check out Central State if you like spooky adventures. :)

Azer Simple 

I'm curious as to how old you were when you moved to the US.  And how old were you when you began learning English?  Just wondering, great videos!

Tanya Sky 

как ты так клево говоришь? у меня ужасный русский акцент на англе, и он никуда не уходит(

и ситуация неприятная конечно, они любят наобещать чего-то, а потом кидануть.. но ты круто справилась, молодец)


Stacy, I really feel like this could have happened anywhere. Don't lose hope on Americans, because yes there are sucky people, but there are also really great people.You can't judge millions of people based on a couple.

Mr C U 

Stacy, I'm sorry to hear this! This is a mason/dixon line thing or in other words a "North vs South thing" Yankees are more rude and less willing to help then people in the south !! Your experiences that you have had, most likely would have not happened in a southern state. Most of the states you are visiting are very liberal states and typically are rude and arrogant ! In the southern states we are more accommodating and politer !! Sorry for the problems you have experienced.

Seth Elledge 

I am very sorry to hear all this nonsense! I feel for you because this also happened to me with a Polish girl when I was in Austria during the summer of 2008~

Baji Kimran 

Let's break this down:

1. You went to great lengths to plan your trip. You learned that no matter how meticulously you plan, things can go wrong. You may do everything right on your end, but your plans are contingent on the reliability of others. Just one or two people not coming through for your can make everything unravel quickly. The next time you plan an excursion like this, make certain you have backup plans in case the original plans don't work out, regardless of the reason the other party has for failing you.

2.In the future, you're going to have to solve that issue of getting a ride to Eugene. Maybe you'll have your own car or maybe you'll find some other mode of getting there, but please keep in mind that if it's two hours to Eugene, whoever takes you has to drive 4 hours round trip. Depending on the circumstances, that could be asking a lot. Especially if the other party had the day off work and wanted to sleep in. Remember, they have to get up before 5 AM to help you out



Not all AMERICANS act/are the same!!! Just like any Russians... and nobody really likes Indianapolis aha. Everybody talks shit about it. Come to Florida, you'll meet better friends.

Chris Rodenbeck 

Stacy I am sorry that you had the issues you did. It sounds like a problem with the people you believe to be friends but have proven they are not people you can count on. Venting is completely understandable.

Any blanket statement "Americans are.............." Is not really fair and likely not true. 50 unique states with 300 million people. The people should be judged by their actions as people assigning a nationality to this will just stir up anger and nasty comments.

Every country, state, city, village or community has the same type of people that have done you wrong. I hope things turnaround and get better for you here in the US. I personally am glad you are here in the states. This country is definitely not for everyone and if you decide it is not for you I wish you luck wherever you end up.

Kylee Medina 

I really hated it when my friends would tell me that we should make plans after school or on the weekends then when I would call them, they would say they were too busy. Most Americans nowadays are too judgmental. They only make promises to your face then something they think is "better" comes along and they tell the original person to f!@% off. This country is full of robo-barbies who walk all over those who are different. I grew up with kids like that and it is because of people like that who give this country a bad name.

Christian Klöckner 

Most Americans are like "Let's hang out man!" .. but it probably never gonna happen .. :) Here where I live you only ask people to hang out if you really want to hangout with them and the most Americans just say that to be nice to you ^^