Animation meme Critique Compilation


I didn't not know what to name this video rather than a cringe compilation-

Please link me videos (Animation memes) to critique for my next video!

(If it is yours I will still critique it,If you ask me too-)

(Edit) Thanks for the idea of calling this a Critique Compilation!

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An new critique compilation is out :)

Kitty Animations 

"this one is good!"

then why'd you put it in this

don't put a video that needs a better animation program in basically a cringe complication

JumperAnimates Ja 

We need more critique comps. Cringe comps are awful for not giving advice and not helping the artist improve. This is helpful in both ways!

The Potato Nuggetz 

The 2 meme looks like the time lapse meme

Picky Dariellasღ 

The beginning so cringe!!! >-<


here's my meme please critique it I need advice UwU


Most animation memes when they are noobs they mostly have the SAME STYLE!


you should really be focusing more on the animation skills rather than the oc. someone who you critique based on oc is not going to improve. this is one thing i see a lot in these types of videos and it's really not your right to tell someone what to change on their oc if you're critiquing animation.


We don’t want incest, Incest is bad


oh wow 27 secount intro that is the longest ive ever seen

Aya Chø 

Hello there, fellow! I hope you find this...

So I wanted to look at this video to see if one of the animations looks like my drawing so I could also take the criticism !!

I don't animate (kinda.. much??) but I wanted to ask a (V E R Y) nice critic that gives constructive criticism some questions because I don't like receiving flat out insults.

So I found your channel. :)

Here are some questions I wanna ask you.. :

1. What should a beginner start out animating with? (A beginner's program, If you get what I'm saying..) (p.s I'm using Ipad Mini, If you could find any information needing that.. ((I only have Framecast.. I'm not sure if it's Great and all but I'm VERY used)) )

2. Any tips that improves a beginner's animation?

That's all.. Thanks for using your time reading this !! :^) Lots of love from the Philippines !!

P.s Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes..


The first one and I don't meme the copycat one was good


I'm so happy that you call it a critique compilation instead of a cringe compilation. this actually gives these animators a good view of where they need to improve. good job <3

Maximus Pettid 

This is funny

ButterPop :P 

5 *69* subs

Pastel Goth 

What's the song at the beginning?

Tu Friend Murdii 

Rest in pepperoni little girl

Mershie Mersh 

In the next cringe comp, pls add mine !!!

Little Animations 


Polar bear and penguin And friends 

I love how u don't be that hard on them thank u so much

Artik Chan 

whats the meme at 2:16 ?

Ryoma Hoshi 

Yo anyone know the name of the song at 2:57 with the weird ass dog thing? I can't seem to find the song anywhere.

victoria the ok Artist 

put one of my memes in a cringe comp they are soo cringey

Eman Sullivan 

I really do wonder what these kids are gonna do with their lives...imagine if this shit they make gets on their resume.


1:20 I think they were trying to do the time lapse meme and then changed it to you look so good?

Кристина Р 

Music 6:00

Not My Problem 

"rip little girl"

Rosey TDM 

Can I be in a cringe comp of yours please

Koaalaee Aj 

you should be more brave when criticising( is that rigt spelling?) also some of your arguments are kinda wierd. for example that you said that those fox girl and boy look like twins, maybe they are meant to be twins? also, when you say get a better program to work with, maybe say one free program to work with

Spronkle_ 453 

Hello,I'm new to your channel and I'm a beginner animater and wondering if you could critique this animation of mine :

I love your channel,you've earned a new subscriber!!


finally someone gets the title right

tear wolf 

Ah, could you critique me? Im still a beginner animator and I want to improve :'3 (this one is slightly out of sync)

Sophia D 

Songs at the beginning and end plz


that Sans with the purple hair is on every meme compilation I watch ;A;

Ella G

Osomatsu Fire 




im an orange 

Flipaclip is now avaibasnsnssmwmasms

Did I forget about the fact that I can't spell avavible because I forgot how to?

Flipaclip is now avaible on Ios

I tried.

Mish Eli 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 x,dddd

Mish Eli 

crítica me uwu

Mish Eli 

criticameeee uwu


What's your intro song?

Casual Idiot 

yeah this is not critique is cringe af


Okay I love the Mii Channel Music :D


Beany: A Post Nuclear YouTube Page 


Enny Baterfly 

Cool, would you like to add my video too? I do not draw very much, but I would be very grateful to you.)

FUWAFUWA_sushi 2 

Got yourself a new sub

Lexiflower 33 

Mabye pit one of my newer ones in your next one? I wou,d love some critique


Im glad you called this video a critique compilation and not cringe compilation yet you give out critiques like some youtubers.

Tuna Tuna fish :'''''''''')

Ikka Lime 

i love how you give tips and tell them what they could do better like RubberDuckla does,I admire everyones art! and that's why I subscribed to you you seem really nice :3