Angular 4 Tutorial - Project Structure #2


In this angular 4 tutorial, angular-cli created project structure will be explained. What are different files used for, how to add different configurations and create different components in angular 4.

Angular 4 for beginners.

angular-cli project structure for angular 4.

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Ashwin Karki 

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Ali Raza 

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Ali Raza 

which application are using???

Yaron Miro 

Thank you for investing the time and efforts in creating this Angular 4 tutorial series

Andreas Melcher 

00:00 - Intro

00:18 - tslint.json for building the app

00:30 - tsconfig for typescript configuration

00:46 - protractor.conf.js for configuring end to end integration tests

00:53 - package.json contains dependencies

01:25 - The node_modules folder contains all dependency packages

01:57 - karma.conf.js for configuring unit tests

02:19 - .gitignore for defining what not to commit to a git repository

02:30 - .editorconfig to configure text layout in editors

02:41 - .angular-cli.json configuration of the project, for example to define folder and file names

03:57 - content of the src folder

04:14 - src/favicon

04:19 - src/index.html

04:46 - src/main.ts

05:59 - src/polyfills.ts

06:06 - src/styles.css

06:13 - src/test.ts

06:31 - src/

06:48 - the src/app folder

06:56 - src/app/app.modules.ts to define the parent module of the app

09:22 - src/app/app.component.ts to define the only component currently in this app

10:59 - src/app/app.component.spec.ts contai

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Sir I am facing problem when I installed angular 4 . all files install but node modules not installed. please help me

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Which application are you using?

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Can anyone please suggest me best way of resetting a form in Angular 4 after submitting the form successfully?

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Very good tutorial, I am new to Angular World, what is selector in @Component in app.component.ts. file.



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Gianmarco Lozano 

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