Angry driver manages to run themself over - Malabar NSW


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Description: "Malabar, NSW. I was waiting for my insurance claim to go through in case the guy disputed. And before anyone asks why I didn't just go around, it's double lines around a blind corner..."

Thanks to Sean

Ben Chesterman 

Dumb Fat cunt , probably supports democratic socialist party in Australia


See how the first car just goes around like a civilised human. The guy on the horn was lookin for a fight and got what he deserved.

William Stone 

Why in the absolute FUCK did he get out of his car instead of parking it in a bay, Then blames the people in the car behind him, The car with the vision are clearly not at fault, He needs his driving and mental state re evaluated. Seriously.


Yep, pretty obvious they caused that! Sound of horn totally interrupted the only brain synapse the driver had.


Mate who are caused that..Sorry ...didnt know my horn was so powerful...

The FireMaster 

brother con


"You caused that" LOL. Umm who is the one who got out of the car while the car was in reverse. While the driver behind you was stationary wondering what you are doing, because you had no indicator on signalling you are going to parallel park. You Numb Nut.

Vince Abate 

Just pause it at 27sec and that's the money shot right there. Talk about a homer Simpson

Vince Abate 

Cmon everybody put your legs in the air put your legs in the air


John Prescotts gone down hill a bit over the years


lmaooo he left that nigga behind

Pat McCaffery 

People like this are the reason chips were invented..!!


When he fell he was on his back like a turtle for a few seconds. Lmao. Omg. 🐢😂

Eric Ortega 

i need to drink with Australians i Australia.


This guy is the reason there's a tag on the cord of the hair dryer saying "DO NOT USE IN THE SHOWER"


the only thng stupid in this vid is the dumb accent

James French 

Him: y y y you caused that!!

Me: are you a Muppet??


Humpty had a great fall?



The Golden Nugget 

Look theres a lot of people that shouldnt be allowed to drive. Not everyone has the temperament or the skill to do it. I know mostly everyone needs to drive but that doesnt mean they should

Dion Strachan 

Do not let him drive anymore

Modest Pilgrim 

fat retard

I Polaris I 


I Polaris I 

You had 1 job

ali Servan 

comedy gold


You caused that ' eh , what , how the @#$& do you figure that out '


He left the passenger as fodder

Francisco Tristan 

where can i hire that pair of pilots....they are fantastic !

Don Fink 

Automatic transmission = Crap driver

Rennie Ash 

He was so busy trying to put his car in park before getting mad, that he forgot to put it in park when he didn't put it in park... Um


I fucking hate people who blare their horns.

Still, the other guys a div.

Paul Seymour 

The number plate says it all, "FW". Two guesses what that stands for!

Saucey Pants 

What a loser

tyler beard 

The passenger... What a mouthbreather


put ya cah in pahk

Adarsh Shetty 

Racist Australians deserve their own shit lol.


it look like he left his friend

Grant Lavery 

Run forest run!




Pit yer cah en pawk


Thanos' 50% culling prerogative is making alot of sense right now.

R Luke 

whats with the cut right as hes falling?


runs himself over... blames the other driver...

>>> *LOGIC* <<<

Slimchester 79 

Of course he caused it. By honking the poor lad's brain short-circuited 😂

Fiji Tongan 

I laughed like a monster.


Fucked up part is that he hit your car mate.

Other than that, he got what was coming to him.


Don't they have car insurance in Australia??? Why didn't you demand his information?

Doc Undies 

We have to share the roads with these morons.

James Byun 

Looks like someone had a few too many.


Two bumbling idiots.