Andoer 4K 48MP Handheld Video Camera Camcorder Review


A nice budget camera for home videos, clear crisp images but low volume capture.

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How do you turn on anti shake


Great video showing postives and negatives.

Daniel Milam 

I would like to know how clear it is taking video at 1080p 60fps of a person outside. How much can you zoom in on that person before they get out of focus?

Bob Blah 

only $50 wow

Têi Harris 

They show that it has a microphone hook up to it, but you say it doesn't, is there a camera that has a mic hook up close to this price


This would be great with an audio in jack!

Thane Mac 

This is not 4k at all. A real 4k camera from a name brand like sony will set you back $2,000. What a bunch of crap. And every one here thinks this camera can do 4k. You are being scammed.


This camera quality is so bad, it's completely unusable. My $50 phone has better HD quality (maybe 480p, but not FHD, by any stretch!). FHD mode looks interpolated (for a test of quality, point the camera at printed text to see what I mean). Just returned mine. You get what you pay for.

Antonio Tony Newton 

Andoer is not a good company nor it's products. I bought 2 of their HD cameras and both malfunctioned saving recordings even with a hi-end class 10 sd card within 3 months of purchase. They did not respond to emails within the warranty period. Also their warranty period is only 6 months which then they do not honor. I say "Don't Buy Andoer" My experience was very bad!

Ramil Malabago 

Awesome job on this review Phil! You should do this more!!!!

NN Ng 

THANK U SO MUCH for the great review piece done here! ~ I almost got one lol but this is not the quality I'm looking for. Very good details in your presentation.

The Shogunstein 

it seems they have sold this camera under a number of names or no names

Miranda Kayt 

I have this camera, and would like to upload videos to YouTube with it. I have a micro card and a full size one, but the full size will not go in the slot all the way. Also, how would I transfer the video over to my computer?


Ray Grimm 

I have looked everywhere and can't seem to find where the USB charging end goes into the camera??? Please help!

Pastor Jaldo Martins Santos 

Essa câmera tem saída para microfone?



Tee Elegant Natural Beauty 

Sir please help! Am really having issues with the audio of this camera. it keeps making a hiss sounds. I don't know what to do.


Hello bro, please upload the full mengapixel zoom, in and out. I already subscribe you. I want to know that how long it can take

Eddy T.V 

please how to install SD card

Популярно в България 

when did you shoot it 93?

Adrina The Great 

Good review, RCA composite cables suggests it's true age, it can only handle 640x480 resolution

John Ratnakar Nalli 

Don't buy this camera worst than VGA camera, use for only kids. It's dishonour for Chinese technology to represent worst 4k camera. No autofocus, no clarity,


im just a kid and i have barely any money because i just get 5 bucks a week from my mom and i have saved my money for a good camera and this looked like a good camera and i am not that used to expensive cameras because we don't buy expensive cameras so i think this looks amazing and thats its great for its price.

sorry for the bad english

Tragic Valentine 

Thank you! You answered every question I had. Great video :)

A.Hazlie A.Ahyat 

Is that the Sd card include inside when we unboxing this Andoer camcoder??

James Doyle 

You did a good review. A few thing that you pointed out showed us " this not the droid we are looking for". No mic Jack and the limited auto focus. Have you reviewed any 4 k that has better lens stabilization, auto focus and a mic jack in? Thank you very much.


Does it have a pause feature while recording?


Is there slow motion option?

Vision God 

thanks for the tip

Kelly Jasiewicz 

Hi i am looking to buy a cheap camcorder for my 9 year old daughter. Does this have a time lapse function? Many thanks

xaw khaub ncaw sewing 

Hi I am want a microphone too where I can get a good one I have same Camera you have 4k

Dyslexic Artist Theory on the Physics of 'Time' 

Good info!!!

Devarievo Chusnano MD 

Where is the sound record test with & without external mic?????

Levy Stephen 

Great review video. Very professional and informative.

Juan el Pito 

fake 4k camera

david wilson 

Knowing the camera and the line...a series of cameras all made under a slew of names all with a common Chinese builder USING Most likely Matsushita's older frames with updated processors. You failed to mention a slew of bad issues because you did not do a very good job. Controlling fixed focus, night shot, and other functions at the same time creates a lot of problems. The low volume and high volume settings are also a major issues with sound quality. The vast majority of the reviews of these cameras come to the same get what you pay for. Your information related to consumers is terrible. Go back and do a real review and earn your money.

Choco Later 

Showing 4 k footage exported in 720 p. P . L . U . S . - that rolling shutter.

Chak Wong 

I pressed the recording button but its not recording i don't know why

Mark Gwinnell 

DIO NOT BUY PLEASE !!! Great Review but TBH what a crap camera. Quality is really Bad !  Don't buy. Get yourself even a second hand Sony AX53 or even AX33 come to that or a Panasonic VFX-990 or similar without viewfinder as cheaper again which shoots true 4K and are all excellent consumer point and shoot camcorders.

sam stone 


kalik senna 

An excellent review, thank you.

Carlos Milanes 

Botar tu dinero

Sandra Reynier 

hi , could you please tell me how to recharge the battery?

Rk sina notiyal 

S video recording market price kya hai


worst camera i have ever seen. Dont but

quangtin le 

How about photograph?


is there a clean hdmi output for live monitoring to tv or pc?

Lloyd Acuab 

The video recording is not good

All hanging and shaking.


something is not good on this camera... CPU or SD card is struggling to maintain bitrate at 1080p...

Bích Trâm 

Hi, would you tell me the serial number of the camera battery? Thank you. The camera seems no auto focus, doesn’t it?