Anatomy of a Prerunner Truck: KibbeTech’s Chevy Silverado


SUBSCRIBE TO OUR BONUS CHANNEL// On today's episode of Build Biology, Ryan Kibbe stopped by to give us a very in depth look at his 2003 Chevy Silverado off roading monster of a truck.

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Channel:  Hoonigan
Jon Springer 

My new favorite series on Hoonigan next to Yard Party! I love seeing these cars and trucks dissected like this!

Mark Freeman #408 

Pretty cool!

Carlos AircraftMechxnic 

Just WOW!!!!

Justin Case 

Sorry if this is in the video as I commented before the end but what’s the build cost?

Michael Gibson 



“Let’s talk about suspension” “I like the quarter panel mounts” gotta control your ADD dude. Kibbe barely got to talk about the suspension which is a HUGE part of this truck.


Hello from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷! I have a F150 4x4 with 3 doors of 1997 and my dreams are to do the same thing that they did to the Chevy, but with the 5 seats!

Optic Voidd 


Сергей Бойко 

Cool bro. From Russia 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻



Tommy Kennedy 

Fun drinking game, drink every time they say “yeah”

Dusty Fred 

So how would a dealership line tech get into a custom prerunner shop?

Solid Mike P 

"Thats what she said" fucking lamo

Marcus Jordan 

Dude this guy doing the interview is not holding my attention and that's a shame cuz this is a super cool truck!!!.. all he keeps saying is that's Cool and repeats what the guy is saying.. not asking any real good question or getting into real car talk.. sound like a blonde chick looking at my truck.. by the way it's a hummer h3t on 35" tires with a 3" lift... check it out on my YouTube channel!! Shameless plug lol

Chloe Hennessy 

Hooligans. Please do King of the Hammers.


looks like 148 ford fans hit that dislike button


Are you sure .120 wall cromo is gonna be stout enough?


That rig is pure art! Eyeballin that body kit for my 01. If I had some spare change sitting around.....That center console has me thinking more on how I want mine setup. The effort in that cage alone = Mind Blown!


wow- want it ! ;- ()

Thomas Clemente 

I met Kibbe when I was on leave and he seemed like a great guy. I'd love to vosit his shop one day. I love his work

Andrew Sommers 

I want my truck setup just like this

Justin Cain 

at 2:03 to 2:08 he sounds just like Paul walker, don't look at your phone just listen.

Dustin Sargent 

Forza put it in your game


5 MPG? Dayum bro

Jas S 

Can y'all start doing tours of shops and how these creators work? I'd love to see how kibbe works and what his shop is like

trey kearns 

Awesome! I gotta ask tho, how much blow did homeboy do before filming this? ..Sniff sniff sniff. . lol

Magic Yeti 


Toby Arguello 

That truck is fucking dope. Holy shit its badass

Hague Films 

Wish you started it up

Richard Lont 

We need this in Horizon 4

K9 Blue Boi 206 

I just Nutted in my pants😍😍😍 Dream Truck hands down👏👏👏


It’s wild dudes put this much cash into trucks and don’t even race sanctioned events. Things fucking rad tho.

yippi kowudillalotsavichadoodle 

Fucken Incredible.

Liam N. 

intro song?

Asher Gallegos 

Dan you gotta go by Kibbe's shop unless y'all got a video already and I missed it.


These things will make sooo much more sense fully electric when the battery capacity becomes a bit better , which it will. It would be so dope to see a thing like this running like 300kwh packs with 4 motors.

MarkAnthony Calderon 

One of the best Video of inspiration thank you.

Ronny Patterson 



disliked because of the fortnight dance

Chad NotBrad 

2 queers trying to act interested in man stuff. Fail.

Sheldon M 

I need me one of those


That steering setup is pretty slick! Nice work!


Love absolutely EVERYTHING that comes out of their shop - but I'll be DAMNED if they didn't have to choose the ugliest fucking Cheby body style for the glass

Reuben Liendo 

If I ever hit the lottery fuck a fancy sports car. I live near the mountains. I want a badass prerunner.

PONO 800008 

The front Bump stops contact the tops of the UCA's have pads , and you do the spindles & lower A's

Jonny Long 


Guns Cars and Digits 

Those ball joints are sweet.

Porter House 

Soooo, I have an 01 ext cab stock, how much for a build? $50k?

Dyna Mobbin 

Anybody know where I can get side window nets for my truck?

Tanks Hotrods 

IS that a 4l80e?