Analyzing the Three Es – ECB, Euro and the Eurozone


The European Central Bank adopted a negative interest rate policy and eased the monetary policy further using its asset stimulus program to boost the economy and induce a healthier pace of growth, pushing inflation closer to the central bank’s target. But have these adjustments been fruitful?

What was the result of these changes to the economy, especially to the euro currency? We answer this and more through an overview of the Eurozone’s economy, the countries that constitute the EU and in-depth Technical Analysis on the Euro’s performance compared to other major currencies.

Table of Contents:

ECB over the last decade - 1:11

ECB measures for financial crisis 2008 - 2:23

Objectives of the measures - 3:34

Effectiveness of the measures in 2008-2009 - 4:16

The reason behind the short-term impact - 5:03

Euro area sovereign debt crisis - 5:33

ECB measures for debt crisis - 5:57

ECB imposes negative interest rates - 8:16

ECB unveils 1.1 trillion EUR QE Plan in March 2015 - 9:14

End of 2015:...

Topics:  Society