Analytical Reports: Writing Analytical Reports


This video introduces students to Analytical Reports, which are a common form of communication in the technical workplace. These reports present research addressing a specific problem or research question. The typical arrangement of an Analytical Report contains the following sections: Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion (the IMRaD pattern). In this video, these sections are discussed by highlighting examples from a student report.

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where can i download that student sample report? thanks. i need it for my report. hahaha.

Joshua Harper 

Caroll, there are many articles on this topic at com.

Caroll Kilby 

Thank you for uploading. I found this video very useful. Are there any more videos or articles on this topic?

Debs Perry 

Forget the hee-ing and haw-ing, this broke it down into language understandable for me. Thanks

mahmoud faouzi chaoubi 

Very good tutorial, thanks, شكرًا