AMOLED vs IPS LCD vs Retina vs Infinity Display - Gary Explains


Read the full post: | Gary explains the difference between AMOLED and LCD technologies and cuts to the chase on all the marketing terms making things more confusing.

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What is screen burn in and how to prevent it? - Gary explains:

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Stephen Siew 

Conclusion means as long as you are happy, either is fine.

Melchor Hilay 

Apple using infinity terminology to make their phones more expensive. Wtf

walcott boateng 

Make sure to take some notes

Agostinho Ferreira da Costa 


Shahzod Jumayev 

Ips has also white spot problem

Stavros K 

The AM in AMOLED is active matrix. Gary explained this. AMOLED is just a marketing term Samsung uses to differentiate it from Lg.


I love the LCD panels used by LG which has RGBW matrix.

Personally i don't like the punchy and high contrast that AMOLEDs produce

Shaun Lee 

Which one is good for eyes ?

Foggy Dreamer 

IPS or Super AMOLED .. WHICH SCREEN is Softer on Eyes if the mobile is used for Reading and Watching videos? .. I don't care about colours or any other specs. the eyes come first.

Manavalan Prince 

Very well explained


An example of a relatively high-end IPS LCD phone is the Sony Xperia xz2 compact

Rafay Abbasi 

I would like _LCD Display_

wani ehsaan 

Thanks #Gary, things make sense when you explain

Felix Pa 


Felix Tijim 

I watch this video on my 320x480 phone screen resolution. XD

Thomas the real 

So on LCD Displays you can't use Always-on ?

6 digit player 

I don't see difference between ips and retina.

Bruce Lee 

Note 9 is the best Screen hands down.

shamim cml 

Thanks for telling us the truth ❤️❤️❤️



NavalSEALSniper & Sports 

I’m glad apple waited so long to switch to OLED. Switching right away was kind of a gimmick by Samsung. They had it going well with the retina but they chose a near perfect time.


Retina display is nothing special. It's apple naming their displays to justify charging absurd prices for a high resolution


You should also note this is for any display like TVs and monitors because u keep saying device :P

Daniël VTL 

0:28 did you guys notice he said infinity display twice?

Lol Lol 

infinity display + Amoled = Samsung

Mark Sheldon 

This dude dosnt understand burn in

Mark Sheldon 

No burn in on my note 8 or 9

Beaumont The Frenchie 

And where does Apple get their "Super Retina" amoled displays? From Samsung of course! (With less resolution than Samsung flagships ofc, Samsung just can't let Apple have as great products as them ;D)

Mheca Ga 

Love your vids Gary they are well for learning and entertaining


Apple Retina Screen = LCD IPS Display. Also Apple, Sapphire = Normal Glass


Amoled is the same as infinity display🤔

Mari Machavariani 

which display is better for reading? :?

Parminder Singh 

The infinity display on the galaxy flagships are super amoled. SAMoled lol

Noe Libradilla 

This is why I prefer to ask these kind of questions who studied this technologies in their schools or technicians because they can answer correctly this questions too.


Oled screens seem to show a slightly dirtier white than LCD, when I looked at them side by side. Wonder why that is.


It's impossible to go back to lcd after using amoled.



Audio Freak 

Poled on my LGv30 rocks


TN panels are often found on high refreshrate displays for gaming.

cristi 029 

can't put retina on a classification of displays because its lcd or amoled


I have a few pixels on my iPad that doesn’t wanna turn on. Why did they stop working and is there any way to fix them without replacing the screen?

Donovan Fausette 

"Retina" is just Apple's way of making LCD sound more expensive and advanced than it is, rather than just switching to OLED.

Pack A Puncher War 

What's the difference between OLED and Super AMOLED

Joong So Min 

that telepromter though..

Atomic Donut 

im very very impressed with LCD on my Xiaomi Note 5 ,just one thing bugs me , there is too much ghosting and motion blur , its very slow screen


Very well explained sir.


So what is the difference between OLED and AMOLED?

R Graham 

Haitsche DEE. The H in H is silent dude.


Ur wandering eyes are a bit distracting .... awesome vid thu, thank you

Neil Jensen 

Man I hate these gay ads