Albion Online - Making Money in Albion - Artifact Flipping and 900k Silver worth of Gambling!


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Where the fuck are you, what's with the corpses?


You can buy things a lot easier with buy orders. If you want to buy 50 runes for ~400, you place a buyorder of 50x999 and the auction house will "match" your orders with the supply. This means that you wont pay 999 for each rune, but the price the individual seller ask for.


So the video starts with you having 2 million silver. So maybe then first explain how you make that kind of silver first?

Liam Boos 

Chances are you lose money from this as there are plenty of artifacts that are worth less then 36 souls. There is a chance you make big profit from it aswell though if you get a demon helm or something actually good. I suggest saving your runes and souls from open world to guarantee your profit


how about 1080p?


The idea is nice, but the video was unfortunately poorly constructed. There should have been three parts: Acquiring the runes, crafting the items and finally money total after they've been sold. without the actual proof of the work that goes into this it just feels half-assed.


just lost like 500k.....


camp their bz territories, These shitters are like walking piggy banks. Made millions from them already.


So essentially, you spent 900k silver, made it into other stuff, didn't sell it during the video to SHOW that you made any silver, and then proceeded to tell everyone to do it? Lol? How is this even making money, you didnt make any silver in this video. You didn't even sell of the end product or show how much silver is made. In fact from what I saw, it sounds like most people wont even make silver from this lol. RIP

Ismael Del 

This is how I've made my money on Albion, I've done ~100M Silver profit with this. I have a ~50 stack of Orb of Secrets for sale in Careleon right now. And that's the issue. The shit just isn't selling anymore.

Ever since the servers started getting DDoSed hard, the artifact market has been rough. I assume because fewer people are willing to risk artifact gear during the disconnects. Then the market stagnated because of this, and prices have plummeted all around. Carrioncallers were 100K, they're 28K now. Clarent blades were 90K, they're 19K now.

This is still a 'good' moneymaking method, but if anyone is planning to really go into this just be careful. Things are still crashing and the markets are incredibly slow moving atm. Also expect to get undercut with huge stacks of items from other artifact crafters, myself included.


yeah i lost a lot of silver on this gambling, oh well was worth a shot =(

Ignas Vizgirda 

this is nothing more then fking arround wasting time. u might aswell just buy artefact use fovus for.3 and sell it for profit.

Ryan Just 

sharing this info completely ruins the price on runes thereby making this not viable, gj

HOBO Tw1tcH 

isnt this game dead now? seems like everyone I know how played already quit. boring grind of the same shit content and awful pvp


I assume this video was created today? The lag literally got incredible today and caused a lot of problems.