Agency Arms Glock Trigger - What to expect


Many guys are expecting a 1911 style feel with an aftermarket Glock trigger. You're going to be real hard-pressed to find that...especially with a production drop-in system like this one from Agency Arms. Great trigger, but just be aware of what you should expect.

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jmancw 036 

Did JagerWerks, in Kazoo, do the customizing?


Who did the stippling work on the G30?


good way to brea k your extractor

daf3625 1 

Its seems like this trigger makes it difficult to separate the slide from the frame. has that been your experience with the 43 trigger as well? The connecter is a ghost connector in mine. Not too sure if thats the problem. I know some of the connectors need prober fitting

Brian Fowler 

U want that creep removed Johnny glock is your guy he is the only one I've had that really does get the creep out. I'm actually sending my agency to hill to refine it even further

Bike Life Motovlogs 

People don’t understand that the Agency isn’t a race gun trigger it’s a PRACTICAL OEM replacement trigger with a flat face front for a different feel that some people prefer. I always tell people if its a race gun for competition go with the Zev fulcrum adjustable trigger. If you want a better feeling trigger and nicer looking than factory i go with Agency. Because it doesn’t interfere with the safety of the firearm for EDC. Agency wasn’t going for a race gun trigger. Just a different feeling trigger.

J AR15 

I experienced the samething with my 19. I believe the reason for the difference is because the G43 trigger mechanisms geometry is a bit different than a gen4 19. The gen5 g19 however gas the same mechanism geometry as the g43. The plunger is different a couple of other parts. That's Y the gen5 glock trigger feels a bit better than previous gen glocks.

Nate McElroy 

I'm sorry but first off if ur expecting 1911-esk trigger feel out of a striker fire then ur a fool. The comparison between a $1000+ Kimber 1911 and a glock 19 is kind of invalid I see why u did it to show the ppl that expect 1911 performance that their not gunna get it


That creep is called a rolling break. Look into Johnny Glock's triggers. Dude is 1 of the absolute best Glock triggersmiths & can get it to damn near feel & act like a 1911 trigger. You would not be disappointed!

Jericho Sipple 

Id have a hard time spending as much as he has on a glock (believe in one of the videos i commented saying as much) with that said this has to be best looking g43 ive seen if it was ever for sale I'd be interested lol


I have the worst time with trigger reach. These look they reduce it a little might be something I need to look into. I have to rotate my hand around the gun to get enough finger on the trigger on a stock glock. Im using gen 4's with the slightly reduced backstraps to.

Jason Schmidt 

On your G19. Try replacing the Agency connector with a polished factory connector. It got rid of some of the creep for me.

Canine Consigliere 

Just looking for some guidance if possible. I've got the Edge from Glock Triggers in my 19 and don't feel that it is too much better than the stock trigger.  I was hoping for a similar feel as the Powder River Precision I have in my Springfield XD, which is an amazingly smooth and crisp trigger. In your opinion, would the only way to get super smooth precise action, be to get a hand fit trigger from someone like Agency Arms? Very nice videos, by the way.

Canine Consigliere 

I believe the meter you are using for trigger pull pressure is reading in "pounds" and "ounces". Not "pounds and tenths of pounds" as you were stating. Therefore the "4.12" reading you were stating was actually 4 pounds, 12 ounces and the "4.7" reading you were stating was actually 4 pounds, 7 ounces.......less than the first reading. As you were stating it verbally, "4.7" would be greater than the first reading of "4.12". I know....picky little details but my OCD was kicking in!


How are you liking the agency arms trigger now? Do you think it'll be safe to EDC and conceal carry for a glock 43? Just afraid that the reduction in pretravel might make the gun unsafe...

Dalton Scott 

I didnt like mine if someone wants to buy it for 100 dollars

Dave markel 

Johnny Glock, here in Sarasota County, FL, does amazing Glock trigger work. I asked for a 3.5 pound break with minimal over travel and that's exactly what I got. Regardless what trigger you use, I use a DEM Gunfighter trigger, he can set it up to your Specs. Best money I've spent on my Glock was with Johnny Glock. He is the Glock Wizzard. Check him out on YouTube or Instagram.


I like the agency face, but the Zev has more adjustments and once set is a dang good trigger


Have you tried zev triggers?

CWS Fan 

Finally, someone who knows what he is talking about. I've 'been a 1911 shooter since 1964. i have a Glock that I made minimal improvements on. You have focused upon the main problem for me the spongy creep before the releasing the striker. Your explanation of the limitations of the Glock trigger system crispness was well said. Most of your peers don't have a clue. I can't get past the fact that a decent 1911 break is like breaking glass.


any experience with the pyramid trigger for the 43. I just ordered a blacklist Barrel and im debating on what trigger to get for the 43 ( agency or pyramid) I would appreciate any advice

Michael Capraro 

oh please fucking put 3000 rounds thru the gun and u can be nasty with a stock trigger


There's a better way to remove the connector. On the other side of the block is a small hole sized for the Glock take-down tool. Just push it out from there. Boom! And you don't risk bending the connector.


Why is your G19 making that pinging nose when pulling the trigger? Never heard a connector do that nose, great video tho!

D Wallace 

The Zev in my experience has less creep than most after market trigger.

D Wallace 

Have you ever shot the Overwatch trigger? If so, how do they compare to this trigger?

D Wallace 

Did you use the Agency disconnector?


I shoot left on my 43 too. Tried everything, cannot figure it out. Had to adjust rear sight all the way to the right to fix.


So who makes the best trigger for Glocks?


I had a full build agency 17 with hand fitted trigger. i wasn't impressed at all. Great craftsmanship but trigger and shooting it did nothing for me.


Some nice looking hardware sir! Hammer vs. striker will always be different.


that stippling is nice on that second glock. where did you get that done? the thumb support looks so smooth

CZ 1always 

are both slides yargaworks ? thanks

CZ 1always 

Bottom line no after market trigger is going to feel like a 1911 trigger. Really nice guns . I have SSVI and ZEV in a few of my glocks like them both . It's a good point you make with it not being flat and pulling . If you train enough you can over come that . My EDC brakes the way the Agency does . And it's what I'm used to . Great video shows what to expect from that trigger . Thanks

Mickey Irish 

Harley....great video, brother! I know you've probably already addressed this, but who did the work on your 43? I love everything about that gun!


Can you use another brand striker spring and safety plunger to help remove some of the take up and creep?

Tony O 

Never gonna get a 1911 feel out of a striker fire... but you can get close with the flat trigger shoe, seems as agency has the correct shoe, now need to mate it to the fulcrum trigger :-)

The Loose Moose 

i have a glock 17 with factory trigger thats has ZERO creep and almost zero reset click... i did my own trigger job on its better than any trigger ive tried ...

Derek Shaw 

Is that a T5 Hitchiker i spot in the background? If so how do you like it?


Lone wolf or blacklist barrel?

John Glover 

Did fine line do the stipplin cause it looks badass

Michael J. Gaffney Jr. 

You really should t be loading a round in that way! It causes wear to the extractor and I've even seen 2 crack from doing this over and over. It's not an AR the extractor is not meant to hit a round.

Robert Sydenstricker 

Huh, the take up on the Agency trigger in my 19 is more like what it is on your 43. Cool. 😀👍And I've measured the travel or "creep" to be only 5/16". The people who complain about there being to much "creep" with the Agency trigger are just winny babies. 💯


thats an assload of creep. Much more than the factory trigger. Sweet guns though

Jeffrey Emrich 

I have a Zev ultimate in my G 34 and it also has a good amount of creep before it breaks. I was thinking of buying the agency arm instead but it looks like it has the same issue. Any suggestion on how a gunsmith would get the creep out of this?

Daniel Atkinson 

you should not be chambering a round that way that you did @ the end. That causes premature wear on the ejector which can cause a malfunction.

Branden Brooks 

Who did the stippling on the 43? That is sexy...


Why would anyone expect the a Glock to have the same type of trigger feel of a single action hammer fired handgun? Simply breaking the contact with a sear is a much simpler mechanical process than partially cocking a striker and then releasing it to fire the gun. I think what people are looking for is a smoother trigger pull with less travel and a predictable trigger break. I would assume the AA trigger does this and have seen other after-market trigger systems do the same. However, I would not install an after-market trigger on my own self-defense gun for a ton of reasons.

Vigi Driver 

Both my Glocks wear Agency Arms Triggers. My G42 has the better feel of the two pistols with a more single-action like trigger breaking at 4.5 to 4.8 pounds. I am a AA Fan.


Where's your slide extension?