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All the information provided in the video is shared by Charles Winter. He has been geotechnical engineer for 20 years.

Video narrated by Reed Salan (CSUF Civil Engineering)

- Advice for New Geotechnical Engineers -

Here are the some of the perspective for recent college graduates embarking their first job as a geotechnical engineer.

Before you even start with that first job search, you should have a masters degree or higher in geotechnical engineering. We all know there are practising engineers with just a bachelor’s degree, but the companies who have the most exciting projects will require either a M.S. or a Ph.D to land an interview. If you do not have an advanced degree coming out of school, plan to go back part-time and earn a Masters as soon as possible. Asking for a tuition reimbursement in an interview would be better.

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Ibrahim Rouf 

Geological engineering????


This is just a rehash of Charles' LinkedIn post, I would hope that he has been contacted prior to the release of this video.

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Google Genuine 

You have more about management than geotechnical Engineering. So please give heed to the title that you post

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Geotechnical engineering is an awesome career, and is so important! Thanks for the nice video and tips.