Advice for Female Marines

Kain 6767 

They look like hard working Marines to me so fuck everyone els

Ugh caveman 

Bullshit, I know you ladies, you female Marines. You aren't equal, the standards say so. Fuck off with your equality. Okay, let's make it equal........the training standards. No more bumps on the graded portion of the rifle range because males figured out early on what target you were going to fire on in order to tell you they "hooked you up" to get in your camies but turns out you're a fucking crap shot but got high expert because of some pussy male Marines thinking they were going to scuba dive your stench trench by bumping your final score. Fuck you, you bitches know you don't deserve it.

Silver girl 

because i want to join and if possible be a sniper

Silver girl 

can women fight in wars and in the line of fire like can a girl be a snioer in the marines


Looking back to the IST, do you know how many of the MEN that were dropped back because of how out of shape they were, or couldn't swim? Strictly on a percentage basis, we blew them away! Don't give me this "you're inferior" Crap!


Im gonna join the marines.

Mads b 

the comments are so annoying. honestly all these guys are saying we don't belong in the marines or military, that we belong in a kitchen tending to every mans aid. no thanks. my father, my uncle, and my pop have all been in the military and I intend to do the same nobody can tell me otherwise. I will serve my country proudly some day, and I WILL make my family proud.


I enjoyed this video, be yourself don't ever try and fake it.


I'm sure these female marines are excellent at their job but don't confuse them with the side of the marines that are in combat.

Let's look at the jobs they've listed here:

1) Lawyer

2) Administrator

3) Administrator

4) Career Recruiter

5) Supply clerk

6) Personnel Officer

They are not on the front lines so their job cannot be compared to the males that actually do fight. As proven by a recent study, "all male teams outperform mixed teams" in combat training exercises. There's definitely a place for women in the marines but like the women say "don't be something you're not". Women are not fighters, they're better served behind the front line.

The only downside would be the men on the front line will need time to refresh and will be rotated off the front line. The rotated marine should be male but you could find that the rotated marine will be a woman which could weaken the front line.

Charles Manno 

Ladies, I will serve with you any day.

God Enel 

I think that women that join the Marines are fucking annoying, its like they have a chip on their shoulder and want to be "tough". Stay the fuck out of the corps and join the Air Force or something.. dumb bitches.

Lorenzo McGary 

Looking back on my career (vet here), some of the greatest and most influential Marines that changed me, were in fact women. One of my fellow NCO's who was female, was one of the hardest working Marines I had ever met. Not only was she a mother who was serving, but she had incredible leadership skills and discipline, which she worked to pass on.

Mixzii Zooms 

for years ive been planning to go into the millitary once im old enough, i have already been training im 13 C:

Eric Joseph 

when you see a woman it,s never hard core 

NO woman in the british royal marines , dutch royal marines , french foreign legion 

because it,s too hard even for the majority of the males

Brennan Mcmullin 

I personally felt obligated to reach out to this community leaving their thoughts on this video page.  From someone who has spent 8 yrs in the Marine Corps, led and trained Marines, deployed several times,  I have personally trained and worked along side female Marines outside of my Artillery MOS, and next to grunts, us arty boys are a handful ( i.e. us dudes being pervs, horny bastards...etc)  and I will undoubtedly defend any woman who is willing to write a blank check and serve in our beloved Corps.  I have seen female Marines, out run, out lift, out train, out smart, and graduate from courses such as MCMAP instructors course against many male Marines.  It's not about being a competition between genders, never has been.  It's about taking care of your brothers and SISTERS, ensuring the safety and well being of one another and help contribute to a growing and highly respectable community of the worlds top leading military branch in the world.


A Women in the Marine Corps looks like a piece of stale bread. How embarrassing and shameful for a female, no wonder Russia is pissing their pants laughing at the United States.

Bo Kvarv 

There are no such thing as a female marine......there are only MARINES!


Oh, bullshit. Be a woman first. How about you're a Marine. We don't tell the men, be a man first... He's just a Marine. The second one nailed it. Everyone judges every woman based on the behavior if her peers, not on themselves. My experience was you're always "less" than your male counterparts. Just look at the videos. Many professional ones done about men's boot camp.... None for the females.

Being a woman Marine is tough. Be fit, pull your weight, and don't expect any respect from the men,

Catherine Powell 

I wish everyone who wants to be in the military the best of luck. My advice to people who want to join the military is while you are in the military make sure you attend college while in the military and also trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. On military bases they also have churches which you can attend also. Work hard people and to the ladies make sure you dress conservative in uniform and when not in uniform.

felix da cat wit da mac 

stay home and raise the children

Robert DeVito 

I wonder if all these women's libbers groups agree with their statements about. "We like to wear errings...and be a lady...I am a woman first...don't try to be a man..."


I was in the Military and for some it's perfect dont have to think only do as 

you're told..but some people think independently and dont care to follow orders from

a halfwit that outranks you just because hes been in longer,or working the 16 hour 

days doing pointless dumshit.God Bless our Military but I would never do it over again !!or 

reccommend it to my children...I want them to stay in school and get a degree and a decent paying career where your opinion 'matters.!

Shawn Garcia 

I love how all of them are pogs


So then why was there hubbub about wanting to change standards or make a new type of standards for females?


Correction- the only reason why people don't hear about women being on the front lines is because the "civilians" are mostly feminists/ pro-women power and would throw a fit if women were sent to die on the front lines. But then they'd complain why women aren't allowed on the front lines.

At the same token, they wouldn't give the same moment's hesitation of sending their own son to die in war as they would sending their own daughter to die in war.

Samantha Murphy 

They do want to do this, unfortunately it is the civilians who mostly decide this and until recently we were not allowed to. Little do you know there are females up on the front lines you just don't hear about it because of political reasons. You obviously do not know what happens on the front lines and understand how MOS's work and work together in a deployed environment

Samantha Murphy 

I know plenty of female Marines who can meet and beat the male standards. We are built differently. I'm sure you are even qualified to make these judgments you fool. Plenty of Male Marines respect females not because of their rank.


Sounds like a boot with no deployments folks.

Jerry Hobbs 

"Capable, and competent"....your not.


Its hard to get into NROTC. Talk to a recruiter about the requirements.



Gavin Minty 

Gain rank and they have no choice but to listen to you. respect is different. When Women meet the same physical standards as men. Then we'll talk until then they are "female" Marines. The rest of us are just Marines.

barbara g 

Not all women are feminine.I was never feminine even in civilian life. If you know your mos, no matter what and they will respect you. There are male marines that wont respect you anyways because they are hurt little boys. There mothers probably were not good role models and they become misogynist and you cant do a thing about there childhood. The worst part is being a subordinate of a hurt little boy.I pity them and said yes sir! Gain rank and they have no choice but to respect you.




Until I made your acquaintance I didn't think it possible for someone to be able to sexually assault themselves.

I now know, with utter certainty, that self-ass RAPE is most definitely a reality.


I don't know if I am old and naive, but when I hear the numbers they claim something just doesn't ring true. Prosecute crimes, but if a case of false allegation is proved whether here or civilian life the penalty should be the same as for what they claimed happened and did not. Maybe that would cut down on the BS, and true crimes would be addressed and taken seriously.


Absolutely not. And ur wasting ur time on here


So then why shouldn't the military be 100% women? Women complain about rape, complain about there not being career advancements either in the military or civilian work in general.

Men are tired of having to fight useless wars, being held to standards they can no longer hold up to, and no longer want to serve the military.

It's time for women to put their fatigues on, grab a rifle, and stand a post on the front lines. Time for you to serve for your country as men once did.


The lady 3:00 is the one with the most sense because that's what my Ssgt. told us.


and some advice to women who make false allegations.....don't make them!


Marines are warriors, I don't see marines here


congratulations on CWO-4,now there is an accomplishment in its self

Estela Fernando 

cant wait oorah :D

Kenn Coleman 

Its one type of marines kids. People want to throw short names on people because one chose the battlefield and the other chose to do something other then.the battlefield either way without pogs grunts can't win the wars alone and vice versa at the end of the day pog or grunt they are a MARINE.


everyone should do their best, and not pretend. especially in a career where lives are at stake.


Could any of you Woman Marines take down Jon-Aric? LOL


FET but I'm sure it's crazy hard to get into.


They merely couldn't handle the training.

The Jarric 

to witch one