10 Adult Jokes You Never Caught In Kids Video Games


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Ten Adult Jokes You Never Caught in Video Games because either you were too young or naive! Sometimes we hold our childhood innocence near and dear but after replaying some of our favorite games as adults you may be able to catch small hints of adult humor throughout gameplay. Sometimes it may raise an eyebrow or you might just be thinking that it’s no worse than what kids are watching on TV now--they’ll have to learn all of this vital information eventually so why not through their favorite video game characters? If you’re a fan of seeing a drunk Bowser or a transgender Birdo then you’ll love this video because we’re about to unlock some of gaming’s best adult humor. Remember this may be a little risque for anyone under the age of 18.


Ratchet and Clank

Final Fantasy XV


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puppet tube 

you said Terria wrong


I thought the ratchet and clank one would be up your *arse*-nal

XxAliPlaysxX YT 

Lets hope the captain in rachit and clank was getting with his sister if you know what I mean.. 😙


I don't know if it counts, but in Jak and Daxter you have to hit Klaww in the crotch to defeat him.

Danforth Paleontologist 

I don’t think terraria’s were on purpose.

laurynasgamer ltu 

i dont think that terraria is for kids but that is a joke but its a spell so what do you expekt

Lucky Fox 

I am under 18 years old, in fact I am 13 years old!

Reilly Sharkey 

It's not toad's secret stash. It's toadstool's. Toadstool is princess peach

Minecraft Gamerajt 

3:00 *B E N D R O U N D* also 😨 look at the time 3 so u no 3+3=6 1=6 1=6 1=6

666 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

EnderScreech99 WhoDaEnderMan 

Dude it was princess peaches she uses to be called princess toadstool

FoxyThe Pirate 

Bruh toadstool is peach real name not toad

test buddys 

Toadstool is peach

BigDog12345 Productions 

Transvestite vs Transgender vs Non-Binary vs Non-Gender! VS Non-Drunk!

BigDog12345 Productions 

Caution: Only released as a historical heritage and not intended for musical entertainment. Digitally converted as a personal preservation record, in discarding the original very old analog video tape.

Kristóf Demeter 

Terraria? my fav game? oh ok.... guess you are right

Brian The Demon 

0:04 (pause first)

Pikku Täydellinen 

Innapropraite adult jokes!!😰😰😱😱😨😨😰😰😨😱😱😨😰😨😭😭😢😢😢😨😱😨😰😨😰😨😰😨😰😨😱😨😱😨😱😨😵😵😧😧😧😦😦😦😳😖🙁☹️☹️☹️😟😕😞😞😩😩😵


If peach and bowser are drunk winning, can it happen to MARIO AND LULIGI!

BLT 123 

Ino how old u are

Bluej Oliver 

I thought toad was hiding moonshine


Kukui: My body is ready! Me: Memes are in pokemon?!

Kenneth Forrester 

They forgot about some of the dialoge for the npcs in terraria


None of these were particularly naughty... And none of the ones that are actually innuendos would have gone over my mind as a kid. But some of these are just ridiculous. A medical expert asking where you're injured is not a sexual innuendo for example. although in the right context, it can be quite an amusing cliche.

lakshya bhutani 

Age is just a number

Julian Brathwaite 

I think you missed one in the part where crash bandicoot in cortext at the work together in the cover and the back they have a moves it and want to movement has censored

Brighton VerBurg 

i am five and i am watching this video

Patrick Revillle 

Illegal booze or achol maybe moonshine


I always made fun of games with jokes like that I didn't know they were true

Master Blogger 23 

Toadstool is peach

Terraria Player 

in animal crossing the villager is a BRUTAL KILLER

User Guy 

I thought toad was a cute

Tim Vermeiren 

You missed that in Majora's mask. If you already have the Mask and you redo the quest she actually makes out with you. And after you are filled with the blue unspendable magic.

Christian Siefen 

umm you do know Pascal is literally a reference to Cheech Marin from Cheech and Chong. Hes got the hat, overalls just like cheech did in the movies. SO yes he is a stoner otter

deathlord 3259 

No Kirby???

galaxy cat 106 lol 


Valdovinos Family 

Toadstool is princess peach

Bowen Chafe 

🐋you are the best and funniest youtuber ever🐋

c P 





Augustus Sinclair 

I know this is off topic with this video, but the inclusion of the latest Final Fantasy got me thinking, isn't it strange how Final Fantasy went from being an actual fantasy setting to having 20th - 21st century technology? Maybe even future technology. I mean the last one I played was 9 and it felt like a fantasy setting. But as the games kept coming out they looked like they were getting further and further away from such a setting it just makes you wonder how much fantasy is actually left in Final Fantasy?

spaceman chaos 

4:50 Did he say SMII7Y?!?!


9:20 My body is ready... That's originally from E3 when the Wii I Fit game came out. The new CEO was asked if "his body was ready?" and to which he replied "Yes, my body is ready..." But this doesn't disguise that sexual innuendo (in-you-in-do my Nintendo *I had too*)



matthew homeyer 

well with toad and xxx could mean very strong alcohol form the ban of alcohol till it's unban

it's your boi Msuro 

Wtf birdo`s a male? I he was a she

galaxy cat 106 lol 

my parents didn't let me watch this video


What a shitty ass vid


If you are gonna mention Pokemon, why not mention some of those weird Ferris wheel rides you can go on in Black and white 2

Brian Escobedo 

Koopa troopa had the fastest kart

joshua crowe 

*B U T I T W A S M A T I N G S E A S O N*

Poision Ivy 

artari that's how old I am