Adobe Analytics Tutorial for Beginners (2018)


An introductory tutorial to Adobe Analytics for Beginners — a short overview of capabilities, components and tools.

✔ Get to know how to use top navigation and get support when you have questions.

The top menu allows you to switch between two major analytics capabilities (Workspace and Reports), Components, Tools.

Components are used to manage Segments, Calculated metrics, Workspace project, Virtual report suites, Dashboards, Alerts, Calendar events and mane other.

The Tools menu includes Ad Hoc Analysis, Data Workbench (omnichannel analytics, attribution), Data Warehouse (data export), Activity Map (website page overlaid with metrics), Report Builder (add-on for Microsoft Excel).

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Andrey Osadchuk 

Watch the next episode of the Adobe Analytics Tutorial to get started with Analysis Workspace

✔ You will build your first project to look at the site traffic trend by day.

Michael Ritchey 

Thanks for the effort, Andrey, but this is a walkthrough of the menu bar of Adobe Analytics Workspace, not a tutorial of how to accomplish any task. If you renamed it to the former, it'd probably get more thumbs up and fewer thumbs down. When I clicked on this title, what I was hoping for was something that would show me how to see analytics on one section of my company's site. All the videos from Adobe assume that I want metrics from the top level of the site. Our site is deep and wide, and the part whose experience I manage is a tiny part. I just need to know how to tell Analytics "focus on this one page" or "focus on this one page and the pages it leads to" but I can't find that information. I hoped a video titled "Adobe Analytics Turorial for Beginners" would do that.

Равшан Абдукадыров 

Доброго дня суток!!!

У вас есть тоже самое но на русском?