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Add meta tags in wordpress: If you want to add meta tags to wordpress, you will want to watch this video that gives the the simple and easy steps you can use to add them. I also show you where you can get a great free plugin you can use to add met tags in wordpress.

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bulbul Hasan 

Tag usage google different page created it was problems?

Saúde Aqui e Agora 

ops... v´deo errado =D

Muhamad Fariq 

Not valid anymore. The plug-in is out-dated. It can be installed and you can edit it but it will not show like how you edit it in the search engine.


I can't add any plugins to my site. Use to be able to, but now I can't. Keeps saying that "Writing Helper" needs to be removed, but I don't have that installed.

|| UPDATE |||

I never learned what the "Writing Helper" issue was. But I did learn that my WordPress was still under the I switched it to the and PlugIns now work. Including the one mentioned in this video. Thank You.

uma pipdika 

I m not getting that feauture in all pagea when u scroll down

Our World Our Life Our Way 

thank you for the demo, however i have tried to find this plugin and cant. what is the logo?

Maxim Lyubarets 

If you have Yoast and your site is multilingual – you will not have title and description on each language page. Yoast pushes only one title and one description – for default site’s language. There is a wordpress plugin that generates custom <title> and <description> tags depending of post/page's language.

Morshedul Alam 

Can I meta tag in each different blog.

Muzamil Ghafar 

no words just osm....Thnku sir..

i need some Expert tips of link u know?can u help?

Texas Salvage and Surplus Buyers 

good video

SEO Design Framework 

Thanks for using our plugin SEO Ultimate for the demo. The PRO version is here with even more functionality - All the best, Jeffrey Smith

ahasan habib 

thanks a lot Boss, if i use this SEO tips for my woocommerce store page, will lt be effective? plz let me know, thnx in advanced


Thanks for this but WAY WAYYYY TOO SLOW on just getting to the point. Had to skip forward so many times.

Roy Rambalak 

WordPress is very interested

Tatiana Mckeen 

With so many videos on the web....finding a way to best optimize is a must!...Thank you for all your tips :-D

Ruth Blasco Granados 

Could you help me to find the tags in the platform type Franklin?? Thanks for the helpful video.

Capt. Lenny Miller 

Thanks for the helpful video. Great tutorial. Now on to getting my site submitted to search engines.

Ruben Campos 

Of all the related videos covering this topic, yours was the best. Thank you.

Gil Sh 

Thank you,

can you please tell me how do i see the tags on my site?

because i know that by default tags are Invisible


very help full thank you!

Kiera Reilly 

Thank you for this video. I have a blog but am slowly learning how to publicize it and make it more professional. This is helpful as I hope to make it easier for search engines to find me.

Annie Clore 

you went over my head in all of 30 seconds - I do not have a home page

Sana Siddiqui 

Can I add meta tags to each post with this plugin ? can it be achieved in wordpress.


Thanks well presented and explained :)

Richelle Gatus 

Thanks, I did this. Great video and very easy to follow. I am just wondering after update, I went to google and try search the specific title. But title and description not yet change, is there specific timing to effect the changes?

Jeff Moyer - Advance Web Solutions Calgary 

Great video a very simple plugin to use. I was wondering however how you add keywords to go along with your title and meta description. Does this plugin provide an option to do this or do you require a separate plugin?


good video whit poor subs

Maxim Levy 

Thanks you, will use it right now

Jessica Fisher 

great info!


this is handy i am building my blog and this definitely will help me out

XdarzethX - Roblox & More! 

thanks for the info!

Matt Gant 

Great information JR. Thanks!!