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This Laptop has clearly been modified to only last on or around the warranty. Acer, from my experience dealing with the company personally the quality of their products. Acer has a lot of work to gain my business and I am recommending to all to not waste your money on there products.

Brittney Self 

watching this in 2018 on an acer aspire A515. This thing is a great low spec laptop. runs at 7gen i52.5ghz idle 3.1ghz underload. 1tb hdd 1tb M2 ssd (crucial AM part) , full size keyboard, usb-c and full size 3.0. (one of the mid range i5's I forget which one) Never had any thermal issues. It has the classic electro tingling most laptops have when it's plugged in but like some 90% of laptops do unless you have insanely good grounding. (It's not my house and I'm using an UPS. It happens everywhere I go.) I'd actually recommend it for cheap laptop. The tingling issue while disconcerting is a normal issue for laptops.

M'Games U.K ßßß 

Within 2 months my es-15, the a key popped off

Mike Espina 

Well it’s better now check out the acer aspire 5 I have it it doesn’t overheat it’s great for gaming a decent battery life also 1020 hd screen you guys saying it sucks well it’s because you guys probably don’t take care of it well or maybe your have an old acer model


I had a £750 laptop

Just after a year it died, costing £140 for data recovery, £40 for diagnostic and if I wanted to get it repaired, another £750 for replacement motherboard and repair

Fuck acer


this is mind boggling. quick question, did you purchase it from a store like that with the cover blocking the vent? my guess was maybe the repair dept did it so they would have more business.


7 years later the exact same problem. Absolutely never buying from them again, complete ripoff

Ari Mello 

My problem is hardware. My Aspire E1-510-2455 was only 4 MONTHS old when its Wi-Fi board stopped working. I struggled to bring it back, even asked Acer support, but they would have to send my Aspire to other state to repair. Paying for a product still in warranty and risk waiting a long time to get it back, risking to lose all my data, or even no more have it back?

140 BRL to disappear in the twilight? Never!

Instead, I got a brand new Acer notebook with a crippled Wi-Fi. On May, its audio board died, works only with headphones. On September the 4th, its Wi-Fi finally died, works only via cable, which doesn't help, as the internet cable is way too short (80cm).

And this notebook is only 1 year old!!!!

Moral of the story, don't buy Acer.

Tamás Koncsos 

Acer Aspire E1 remember this name. This is the holy grail of shitness. Its the 3rd time it destroyed its harddisk. Never buy this junk never support this company.

Marcus Secret 

i have had my acer for about a year and now its starting to overheat. and it shut down it self. sry for bad english. i bought my for about 1000 dollars and its complete SHIT never by an acer.....


Acer have screwed around with us enough, I have an Acer Aspire V5 473p Custom built by Acer. After 9 repairs and 3 replacements in its lifetime, that is appalling. It's lifetime is 7 months. Just to put salt in the open wound. For instance, a replacement laptop after 2 weeks had the keyboard replaced. 2 weeks later, it failed. the keyboard was replaced. 3 weeks later, the keyboard was replaced. A $1,500 'Computer' shouldn't be this rubbish!


never fucking buy acer. complete waste of money

Chris Reeve 

i bought an ACER Travelmate - it has crashed 3 times in 4 months. Customer support is terrible. it took them 9 weeks to send me a rescue disc, but i had to phone them 5 times before i finally got it. I had it recently fixed at local shop, using rescue disc - when i turned it on, found out that Windows Defender had been disabled, cannot restore, need administrator password, which i don't have. JUNK - don't buy ACER.


not even close i bought mine seven weeks ago and is already fucked. It shut off randomly until it finally just shut off instantly and for good.


i bought 200$ laptop and then got allthe extra crap for another 200$ warrenty and all that stuff, and within 5 months the laptops screen failed to work. I've sent the laptop back for repairs a couple times and they replaced the screen once, but then they just say there is nothing they can do, they dont see any problems with it. the dumb laptop wont even show anything on the screen and they say nothing is wrong, waste of time and money...