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Hi this is John from ...


need help fixing your laptop?


When I buy my. tech I always take a picture of the receipt I learned the hard way too. I feel you.

john miller 

Get li John to hold up a sign saying "ACER IS EVIL".

Galaxy Tech Review 

That sucks, I have had nothing but good things from Acer. I have reviewed 2 of their laptops in the past 2 months on my channel and they have been excellent. Sorry you had this situation. Currently using the Acer VX 15 Gaming Laptop and it rocks.

Mike Platt 

Asus sucks as well since they say they aren't able to send a Windows backup recovery disk when Lenovo and Dell will both do this. Won't buy another Asus computer again either...

Ryan Thomas 

I gave them my 2 cents on Facebook.

Widow 420 

Man your having pc issues, Im having phone issues haha. I thought it was a good idea to install from app store a custom launcher didnt like, uninstalled it left behind a bloatware program. package disabler pro seemed to of work but idk. hope get pc fixed, might need new hardrive or battery even a full wipe an new install of windows could help.

NH Technology