ABOUT BLONDE TONERS | Wella, Manic Panic, Redken & more! | MY EXPERIENCES & FAVS


*watch in HD!!* All products listed below. These are my experiences with different blonde hair toners. Pictures included of each toner. DISCLAIMER: Everyone's hair is different -- my results will be different than other people's results. Hope it helps you choose which might be right for you!

TONING HAIR FOR BEGINNERS: http://bit.ly/2nGaokJ

Wella T11 - 1:35


Wella T28 - 2:19


Well T27 (NOT MENTIONED) - Amazing for darker medium blonde


Wella T18 - 3:08


Wella T14 - 4:10


Wella Satin Blonde - 5:14

Wella Nordic Blonde - 5:42

Redken 9NB - 6:17

Redken 9NB + 9T

Redken 9GI - 6:61

Redken 9V - 7:16

Ion Colour Brilliance Intensive Shine Demi Permanent 10NG + 9N -9:36

Joico Color Intensity Semi Permanent in Titanium - 8:15


Joico K-Pak Permanent Color in Silver Intensifier + 8B (beige) - 9:35

Manic Panic Virgin Snow Toner - 10:27


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J Shinn 

Any examples of t 14 on orange hair?


Your hair is beautiful! I have a question.. can I use color charm activating lotion with wella permanent liquid hair toner?



Jeasica Marie McEntire 

Thanks so much!! Great information!! Xox

Kristy Elizabeth 

Will t11 work on platinum hair to darken the blonde


I saw this video lots of time and for me this make up and this hair color are the best for you

n. portes 

I have a question, so when you have highlights do you use just one toner or do you need to use different ones because my highlights aren't all the Same blonde ?


Will t28 get rid of yellowish tones

Ana Hernandez 

What tone does t10 give you??

Wine&Pizza Chic 

YouTube needed this video, super informative so thank you!


This is so informative!!! Thankyou😊

Sondheim V. James Wägoneer 

Thanks for the satin blonde reccomend. Going ti give it a try, hate that white purple grey blonde. Luv a bit if warmth without it glowing orange or yellow

beat it 

What do you think of the goldwell colorance in p10 also what lipstick is that its gorgeous!

Nancy Anderson 

what toner is on your hair now?

Christi Miller 

Thank you for this video. I rewatched it to see what your thoughts were on Wella T11. There are not enough videos out there about T11. When you said it was one of your favorites I decided to go for it instead of T18. I am loving the results. It took the yellow buttery tones out of my hair that I hated and now have a nice wheat blonde tone.

Wayne Lucas 

Has anyone used FUDGE T13 ???

Brandi Sodemann 

I’m just going to say it went from dark brown to almost bleached blonde but I got all kinds of fucked up goin on mainly gold tones with platinum I wanna get rid of the brass but I don’t want GREY hair which toner should I use

Lauren McCurley 

This is the best video I have ever watched omg you’re an angel

Kelley McDaniel 

What do you think T11 mixed with T28 would look like?

LolaK Lloyd 

Can I use a permanent color over my bleached (very light) hair? Have you seen the L'oreal Feria Pearl? Also I like the Oila Pearl color (not white or gray).

Curious Mind 

Brilliant video.. better then most!

katie sherman 

I wish you could do consultations lol! My hair is currently Really bright maybe almost a level 10 and I’m trying to get it more of a darker ash blonde. I’ve tried a few different toners and didn’t see much of a difference :(

Sonia Nelida Narbona Rios 


Sonia Nelida Narbona Rios 

Bla bla bla bla!!!!??!

ylecara noiloc 

Love ur makeupppp😍

Nena Chung 

Most helpful video for toning, I came across😭❤️


Can you mix T18 with T10?

Alan Boy 

thank you so much for this

vanessa Lawence 

I just love this young lady. Wow she very informative. And beautiful and best of all I think she showed a product I need to try. Hope it works.


Is T-11 by Wella a warm wheat color?

Brianna Hernandez 

Super helpful thank you!

Brittany Frana 

I have level 9/10 highlights and lowlights that are orangish and yellowish and I want an ash blonde. I think I’m going to use a mix of the t14 and t18! Thoughts?

Naz Far 

I use 9 n and 10a to lighten my roots I have 90% gray. But the dark bits get orange which toner will lighten the orange

Naz Far 

How damaging is the wells toners

Naz Far 

Did u ever use t27

Gabby 127 

Wait so what's the best option for if you want to correct brassy tones but you don't want silvery hair?

J M K 

Does anyone happen to know if ManicPanic toner can be mixed a developer for better results?

Jamie Michaela Lazo 

Hi, usually I saw videos that applying toners on bleached hair. Can we also use the toner in a hair that used the ordinary dyes? I dyed my hair but it turned out to be very orangeé 💔😭. Hoping for your response 😇

DV 8 

4:13 t14

Mandy Michaels 

Love this video. All the info I’ve been looking for in one video. Thank you!

mama warrior 

You look like Cate Blanchett!!! OMG so pretty!!

bby moose 

Girl!! Please tell me what eyeshadow this is (if you recall)... Such a soft and lovely shade xx

Cynthia N 

My roots are between a level 7&8, more on the level of 8 side, but i have highlights so also some random bits and pieces of that level trough out my hair. Should I use wella t28 mixed with a t14 on my roots and the t11 on the rest of my highlights, which are level 9 and 10? Edit: I just read the description and saw there also is a wella t27, should i maybe use that on my roots?

Queen B 

Hi dear today I used t28 on my client it didn’t gone well still I was have the yellow tone on the hair where I goes wrong


I opened a bottle of t18 toner and closed ⓘⓣ. is it still good to ⓤⓢⓔ?

tracy hernandez 

Love! 💖👌🏽

Brittany B. 

So helpful thank you so much

Son Shine 

Ive watched SO many vids on this and yours IS THE BEST and MOST informative out there on doing blonde hair. Thank you so muxh for all the info. MOST APPRECIATED!! 🌞

Martino Golls 

What is the toner mentioned at 5:32

Nico Masters 

Really helpful. I couldn’t seem to get the yellows out. Thank you