Follow along a day in the life at McGill University, where I show you a tour around campus, give glimpses of what classes are like, and talk about my experience!

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Arnold Gia 

is there a tip you have to quick captioning? or did you make every individual one?! that was a great vlog

By Dennisse! 

What are you studying??

Simohamed Benkirane 

Daniella .. Can I get your number ?

rohan christiel rios 

hey dahye make a video on mcgill university day in the life again


My school! I have my 3rd final exam in 2 days:(

Phuongg Maii 

Hi Dayhe, i'm planing to study master in mcgrill can i email you to ask some question relative to school? Hope you can answer my question. Thanh you so much❤️

Compartiendo con Pablo Linares 

Actually I am a university of Arkansas student but your university looks awesome and your vlog is awesome

Jason Bary 

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Kareen ytb 

McGill is like my bestest university dream

Anton Boludo 

McGill feels like being on a campus in the USA.

Meli F 

Now I want to go to McGill!

Kenny Petit-Homme 

What is it was your major? And are you an international student? If so how much was the expanse?

UVANU우벤유 코리아 

very Funny!! :)) Mcgill is one of the most famous uni in Canada. :)) Wish you all the best!

Kim Basit 


Stephen Roco 

Great vlog! Good job. Thanks for this. 👍

sofi ko 

Its not long ago since I found your channel and I am already mesmerized by your style and clothing choices

please link the items you are showing in the description box...I spent hours searching for the shoes you are wearing (I'm kinda sure I would kill for them) ღ


That's definitely NOT the music building... it's engineering

gopal khurmi 

Nice video 👍👍👍👍👏👏

Elodie Saucisson 

Hi ! Thank you so much for your video 😊 I might study at McGill his year and I thought that if people there were as cool as Daniella and you, I’ll definitely go haha


Are you from Mtl?

Jessy H 

Oh my gosh you go to mcgill?? That’s awesome! Maybe a sit down video of your experience at mcgill?😊