86, Fable 2 Gold Cheat. a million gold in 4 minutes


Works on the Xbox One


Still works in November 2018 :)

Bug The Loser 

I miss this game...

lonegamer 168 

Thanks for telling me if u up the rent u become corrupt... That's y my character has green eyes

R4nd0m Uz3rn4m3 

I did this in FABLE 1 and 3 I never thought of it in FABLE 2 XD

Reggie Cook 

Easy, I've done it offline as well!

Bill Spazzy 

Thx dude rly helped!!

April Dahnke 

im so mad now

i used my wish when therre was a glich

Rocazoid the Supreme God of Hands 

This was years ago

Linda Holguin 

what kinda xbox does he have???

Max Kelly 

I'm watching in 2017 and the glitch still works

Fullmetal Narcissist鋼 

I'm rich AF!

I bought every property on bloodstone and woooppp!! Yay!!


I'm up to 10 mil!!!

Alexis Valenzuela Delgado 

thks bro

Jak Turner 

It's Pach now


Still Works. I Use everyday. Remember to change the prices of store to +100% and after doing this go to clock ajust the settings to lowest age possible, enter game, save quit, and change the clock to 2025.

Chance Perez 

its not working for me. :/


This is cool

Damian johhny stok 

sins i done it i cant connect to xbox live it says some content not avalible please try again later

Damian johhny stok 

i got it thanks

james sheehy 

does this still work


Holy mother of pearls bro!!! This shit STILL works! Just started a new game cause why not? And just made bank! Thanks!

ethan robertson 

Holy crap, it's been 8 years since I watched this video last. How ya doing L1Games?


I doesn't work all the time for me 😰


lol thanks man I'm buying bright tower


im watching this in 2016. xD

Mooseface Skateboards 

Xbox has changed so much.

Alyse B. 

I tried this but it only worked once. Am I doing something wrong or? I'm not signed into xbox live.

william wilkinson 

I wonder if you can save and set the time backwards then get back on the game save again then set it to 2025 again and get a lot more money?

william wilkinson 

Holly fucking shit this works and now I have 3 million gold thank you dude


How do you repeat the process?

Walter Johns 

what about on xbox 1 backwards compatibility

Lydia Nyree 

-_- guess it doesn't work anymore cause it ain't working for me in the yr 2015

Angelo Cruz 

Remember also you can also raise the property value by upgrading furniture


Why were all of the citizens running away screaming? WHAT DID HE DO TO THEM?!

Reannah Rinchich 

If your connected to xbox live it dont work


do ya have 2 be a xbox live


bro have u clock da game

jason lam 

If you guys are corrupt set your price of stores to -20% or less it will make you purify not dirty as hell



Anthony Got the memes 

I want the old xbox dashboard back. Ah...the good old days.


maybe because u are connected to xbox live if u are then unplug your router or something then do it


It makes me go corrupt :-(


Huh my Xbox won't let me change the date and time


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Okay, But you gotta admit that the colors were an overkill.


Nah man, the old dashboard holds nostalgia for me. Plus I like to be able to press the guide button without going blind.


The old dashboard was to colorful, And stupid it looked completly ugly.

dirk laming 

old dashboard