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Seven Wonders of the world by SuccessCDs Education.

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Sk Sharma 

I like taj Mahal very much

Lim Wee Beng 


Simran Batra 

You are amazing tommprow i had a spell bee round and i am ready for it weeeeeee just great

talkative idiot 

Eiffel tower is not there 😣

اسماء بنت محمد 

No 1 The well zamzam

Kavilingam Bhivana 

My teacher had told me so that I have watched this video after looking this a interest came that I have to look more videos like this

Zaheer Junejo 

no 1 must be the Egyptian

Kk Jjd 

Iwould like to visit china

Chander Gupta 

all the seven wonders are very emerging

Jeeva Nantham 

I love India

Rupinder Kaur 

We love 🙂 INDIA


Jeya Jeya 


Lsania Gaming 

Pyramids of giza ?!

World Knowledge 

Subscribe my channel

Nisha Puja 

very good and nice

varchasv sharma 

you are the worst youtuber

Amrit Aviral 

Some of the are not right because the seven wonder of world are leaning tower of Pisa,great wall of China,taj Mahal,statue of Liberty,a fil tower,piramids of Egypt and hanging garden of Babylon

Ok so next time make this video in a right way

santosh kumar 

pls don't tell my is best,because everyone loves there places as every place has taken a lot of hard work,so plz....

Vinaya pawar 

This is very wonderful

Fatima Shafique 

For more gk visit #Generalknowledgewithme


I love my india ye mera india

Pankaj Dhasmana 

I love India

Bill Clinton 

The Statue of Christ the Redeemer is my favourite wonder

Ghaznavi Prince 

You forgetting about Buddha of Bamiyan. It was at the centre of many ancient routes including silk road...

Rani Khan 

💖💖 I love my india

Rani Khan 

Jisko bhi india accha lagta hai woh like karo😘😘👍

Gopal krushna Swain 


Aditya guru 

Leaning tower of pisa is not there

Srisai Plastic 


madhusudhan k 


exhausters on fire 

Also upload the specialties of seven wonder of world


Indians entered the chat

Brij Bhushan 

It is very good video

Shiji 1984 


Sangeetha R 

Now Taj mahal not consider a wonders of the world because it was affect by pollution


I love world

Valpuia Ramngheta 


Nilambari Modsingh 

All Wonders are Beautiful

Jyothiprasa C 


Sherry Jeter 

Ya'll know that these are the new 7 wonders of the world, and you guys are saying " The 7 wonders of the world". If I'm misunderstanding it, then comment about this comment.

Bhangra Tips 


Karla Joice Mesquita 

I love Brazil. I love the redeeming Christ ♥

Md Azam 

Hamari country me 7 ajube ...... we are luky

Easy classes engineering 

Amazing.. :)😃

Joy Thabitha 

taj mahal is in my motherland.. proud to be an Indian.

Sameer N 

Angkor Wat deserved to be in the 'Final 7' wonders list more than Christ Redeemer statue

Suman Lata 

How to draw

Afaq Khan 

Wrong information

talkative idiot 

where is Eiffel tower I love paris

Meena Bisht