7 Wonders Duel - How To Play


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In this episode we're going to learn how to play 7 Wonders Duel.


00:00 - Introduction

00:47 - The Setup

02:39 - Game Play Overview

03:04 - Accessible Cards

03:18 - Constructing A Building

03:32 - Laying Out Your Cards

03:44 - The Cost To Build

04:33 - Brown & Grey Card Benefits

05:07 - Trading For Missing Resources

06:16 - Building For Free (Chaining)

06:39 - The Helpsheet

06:50 - Yellow Card Benefits

07:26 - Blue Card Benefits

07:40 - Red Card Benefits

04:04 - Winning With Military Dominance

08:10 - Green Card Benefits

08:40 - Winning With Science Dominance

08:46 - Discard Cards for Gold

09:08 - Constructing A Wonder

09:44 - Wonder Benefits

10:19 - Revealing New Cards

10:39 - Ending An Age

10:54 - Setting Up The Second Age

11:06 - New First Player

11:29 - Setting Up The Third Age

11:37 - Ending The Game

11:54 - Calculating Scores

12:31 - Conclusion

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a question...

Alessio Boiardi 

Am I the only one who thinks it's weird that having already built baths allows you to build an aqueduct for free? O.o

Matthew Wilding 

This was super helpful. Thanks!


wow, i bought this game for Christmas to my dad, and i got a better idea of how it works, thx to your video :) thx a lot ^^


I actually have had this in my collection for some time, but as a teacher my time is measured, so I am just getting to try this game now. Thankfully, you had this episode. At the end of the video, I felt a bit uncertain about a couple of rules, so I just watched it again and checked the exact language on the manual to verify what I thought I perceived. Language choice is so important, which is why I watch your videos. As I tell my students, clarity is crucial! Thank you!

Justin Raju 

Can you keep spamming the wonders that say take another turn ?

Esko Juhola 

I wonder how much you can stack up building cards underneath the wonders (in order to build them)? Just one?

Gregory Wolff 

Thanks for taking the time to make this! Wife and I are audio/visual learners and this helped a ton.

Matt James 

Thank you for this

Dan MacMullin 

You are a brilliant explainer. (Is that a word?)

Your voice, succinct explanations, and cheerful demeanour is engaging and hypnotic. I think I’ll come to you before dice tower from now on. Appreciated.


Master in explaining!!!

Gregory Nixon 

I need help :). Can a player “ build “ a card in the discard pile ?


Thanks for the great video! I played the game last night for the first time, and I have one question for which I didn't find the answer to: when purchasing resources from the bank, how do I prove that I have bought them? I mean, if resources are inexhaustible, that means that when I buy one, I can use it for future constructions. But how do I "prove" I have it, if the bank does not give me a card or anything of the sort? I've been writing it down on a piece of paper, but I'm sure that's not how you do it :-P

s va 

I was really excited to play this game then became really disheartened by how complicated the rulebook made it seem. Your explanation was so clear and concise and made it seem to easy to play. I finally understand now! Thank you for the amazing work you do.

Skye Pope 

Dear Rodney. Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the effort you put in to making these videos. Every time we get a new game we see if you have a video for it. Always informative and always explained extremely well. Thank you for making our boardgame lives easier.


Thanks for the vid, man! Watched this vid before playing our first game and it went very smoothly, thanks!


They should an include a one sheet instruction page with this video’s link. Wayyy more informational and clear than the included instructions! Thank you!!

Brad Vizza 

It took me a while but I’ve finally “discovered” this game. Incredibly clear concise and personable explanation. Thank you!

Darrell Pratt 

Love your Channel. Always great and informative.


Wow, that was clear. Thanks!

John Hernandez 

Thank you!!

Scott Wood 

Bought the game because of this video alone. For some reason I'm not as interested in a particular game unless you have covered it. This along with Pandemic are my first games and just about to get stuck in with my Mrs now. Takenoko next we think!

Steven Bill 

On the score card, what are the two bottom rows for? The ones for army and science? Thanks!


I'm still feeling pretty confused.

etienne blard 

Can we construst a discarded card?? Or when it's discard it's out of the game?

Steven Walters 

Keep up the how to play videos. They're great!

Rebecca Lidster 

Great job dude!

Tanner R 2024 

Hi Rodney, do u know if u can buy resources from the bank with coin to build a wonder? thank u and plz reply

Steve Petty 

I've just bought the game for my beloved and I to play, so have yet to get to grip with the rules. I came here via BoardGamesGeek and I've got to say "what a fantastic presentation". Very smiley, but absolutely concise. But no "blah, blah, blah" the trap that so many you tube presenters fall into. Good show, my man. Keep up the good work. Yes, of course I'm a subscriber now, thanks to your beautiful description, precision and total lack of repitition. Keep up the good work..............Got to get to grips with the game now........

Wade Cothran 

Thanks for the help! My gf and I are very new to the world of strategic board games, and we had some questions that were not covered in detail by the rulebook. Liked and subbed for future board games! Extremely helpful and detailed while remaining concise and to the point. You rock.

Eugenio Luciano 

what happens when the conflict token crosses the dotted line and reaches the "2 coin" token, but your opponent doesn't have any money to pay?

eric hazel 

Rule book is good but left me with a few questions.  This video answered all of them.  Fun game!

Hörður Flóki Ólafsson 

About the Law Progress token, it's worth a scientific symbol, so can it be used to win the game as the sixth scientific symbol?

Alon Glazer 


Is it a good idea to count VP during the game (and not the end) so we know our standing?

Towards The Sunset 

This game is awesome lol

Gabriele Simionato 

Unboxing and ready!

JHincks95 1 

So if you buy a resource for 2 gold plus however many your opponent has, where do you get the resource card from?

Pipe Smoking Boardgamer 

This is my wife's favorite 2 player game. My 3rd or 4th fave! Thanks Rodney!

John Elstad 

I read through the rules and then watches this at 1.5x speed, which filled in the gaps nicely. Thanks for putting this together. You do a wonderful job of efficiently providing comprehensive instructions in a succinct and logical way.

Magnus Ring Hunov 

So what is the idea behind putting a card underneath the wonder when building it? Denying it to your opponnent?

Peter Franklin 

excellent instructions. your not too cheesy, nor fake. clear and concise. good job.

KC Horst 

I just bought the game. This was a fantastic explanation. Thanks a ton!

Squiggly Beast 

This is a fantastically clear video, and the timestamps in the description are extremely helpful. Subscribed!

Krystal Chin 

This guy is the best. Always explains the game perfectly!


Rodney I have a question regarding when you get a card with the 3 resources on it ie. wood/clay/stone and it says it produces each turn, does that mean you can only choose one of them to produce on that particular card?

Also I still am unclear on the This production has no impact on the trading costs? Thanks.


Pretty helpful video, thanks a lot!

lior mk 

thanks! really helpful


When you say "players can examine the discarded cards", does this mean these "discarded" cards are available to be played?


Thank you for the clear and concise explanation.

McLeish Martin 

Thanks for the video. We were confused what the point if the last two rows of the score card are through (The red and the green laurels with tick boxes next to them).

lake leafty 

What can be done if examining the discard pile?